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New Job... this Network is a mystery

By womanofcode ·
Although I have a 2-year degree in CIS, the network at my new job eludes me. It appears to be a peer-to-peer using Win98 and ethernet... but there are 15 PCs here. There is a frac T1 through a Cisco router, and they are implementing a VPN soon. I realize I'm new at this, but isn't this place begging for a client-server network???

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Most Definetaly

by madroxxx In reply to New Job... this Network i ...

At the point remote users are coming in you will surely want a centralized data repository.

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I couldn't agree more...

by Slacker In reply to Most Definetaly

One NT or Win2K Server box and you can handle authentication for your VPN as well as centralized file storage. A network that small would be easy to switch if you act now.

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So sad

by UrNOTready In reply to New Job... this Network i ...

What are our schools teaching newbie techs if someone with an AS can't figure out if her network is a peer to peer or not. If you can't figure this out, I'd go get a job at McDonalds before the VPN shows up and you're really lost.

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Not So Sad

by teegood In reply to So sad

I think it has more to do with the appalling nature that IT views poor setups. I have been in the business for many years and still feel amazed- and sometimes confused at the preposterous notion that someone- any human! - could let certain networkslinger. It's the epitome of SO SAD to think that he is SO GREAT, which nets the IT Industry skits on Saturday Night Live that make fun of the "computer guy" that knows everything. IT folks will find themselves much better off by "dummying up" to any computer situation. Start off asking the most stupid questions ("Is it turned on" is a good start!) and work your way up. Unless your working in a central office, chances are you won't have to interrogate very long...and like a*()%$ everybody's got an doing what you want based on what YOU think is the privilage of being the "only one in the know" and not to be used to make others feel stupid. (I still occassionally have my caps-lock on!)

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