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New job :)

By Shellbot ·
Yay..after much frustration and hair pulling, I've bagged a new job!

They actually offered it to me last week, but I wasn't happy with the working hours, so I turned it down. Seems they wanted me enough to change the hours, so as of this morning I accepted.

So I'm going to have to start acting respectable now and then I guess..they have dress code as well, so no Sketchers, jeans and Anthrax t-shirts
Guess have to go shopping!!! (I'll tell you all about it later JD)

So ya, its a one year contract to start with, possible it may be extended.
Good pay, good benifits...might as well give it a go right..

Its about now the panic starts though... leaving the comfort zone of "knowing your job inside and out" is hard. I'm confident I'll do just fine, but its scary!

Oh and here's hoping to god my new manager is not a member of TR..was only when i thought of that I mentally kicked myself. All the lovely things I have posted, sure to charm the pants off of any new manager who knows who you are and where you hang out online (he must never ever ever find out!) :0

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Good luck!

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to New job :)

Remember that nothing would ever be accomplished if people didn't leave their comfort zones. You'll do well.

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You can do it..

by maecuff In reply to New job :)

It's not easy, but it gets easier. I just passed the 2 month mark at my job.

I understand about the 'TR' thing. I certainly haven't uttered the word 'maecuff' around my new office. Just in case.

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It is a small world after all?

by jdclyde In reply to You can do it..

Yeah, I can understand why you would not want a new boss or cowork to know why you keep that shovel in the corner.... ;\

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by maecuff In reply to It is a small world after ...

It ruins the element of surprise. And that's half the fun, seeing the look on their face, you know?

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Like GG

by Shellbot In reply to You can do it..

I won't even utter "TR" in the office..
i'm wondering what thier internet policy is..i'd say when i start i'll be a lot quieter for a bit..

Ah, i just had this ever so shocking thought of walking past my managers desk and seeing TR up and thinking "oh sh!t" !!

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Then maybe it IS a good thing

by jdclyde In reply to Like GG

that you never got a TR Mug? ;\

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My mug stays home

by JamesRL In reply to Then maybe it IS a good t ...

I do not want my staff looking at my posts and snickering.


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ah..your a good boy

by Shellbot In reply to My mug stays home

in here..I've not seen any posts that you'd have to be embarrased about anyways..

me..well thats another story :0

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Know what ya mean Shel

by Jessie In reply to ah..your a good boy

If my bosses were to ever "find me" on TR, I'd probably be in deep doodoo... unless they had a sense of humor... or something with which I could blackmail them.

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Kibbles for everybody!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to New job :)
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