New Laptop - New router - can't receive emails or send out

By klundstrom ·
I'm new to routers and I figure my problem is something simple but it's beyond me. I have one PC and a new laptop. I hooked up a Linksys router and can get the internet fine on both machines. My problem is I can't receive or send emails on the new laptop. I've copied all the settings from our PC but it still doesn't work. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks Karen.

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Email application

by netwrk_admn In reply to New Laptop - New router - ...

Are you using Outlook Express? You should at least be able to recieve emails if your password is right and incoming POP3 settings are correct. Your outgoing server may require SMTP authentication so if you don't get that pw and info correct you will have issues in that department.

More info may be needed, are you using a POP3 account? RPC over HTTP? OL Express?

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Outlook router help

by klundstrom In reply to Email application

I'm using Outlook Express. I duplicated any info on the setup pages in my new laptop to mimic the original PC. We have Satellite service which has it's own box but since the internet is working I didn't think it has anything to do with that. I know I added specific addresses to the incoming and outgoing mail setup. But other than that I'm kind of dumb about setting up the actual account. Usually my internet service walked me through it but when I talked to them they said they don't support the use of another machine (since I only pay for one) and they don't support any tech help with routers.

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Thank you!

by klundstrom In reply to Email application

I'll be sure to double check these settings. Thank you for you help.

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Check your DNS configuration

by kunal.khandait In reply to New Laptop - New router - ...

checkout your DNS settings from IP configuration. This may be the cause for your problem. Configure appropriate gateway and DNS.

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Thank you!

by klundstrom In reply to Check your DNS configurat ...

I'll try this out. Thanks for your help.

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Did you try this?

by huoml In reply to New Laptop - New router - ...

Do this on both Desktop and laptop.

Open Outlook express. Go to Tools, Accounts, then click on Mail tab and select the mail account and then click properties.

Make sure the settings on Laptop matches the desktop settings for ALL tabs.


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