New Laptop Noise Levels - Normal?

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ASUS ZenBook UX433FA-A6076T 14 Inch Full HD 4-Way NanoEdge Screen (Intel i7-8565 Processor, 8 GB Memory, 512 GB PCI-e SSD,

Hi all,

I purchased the above laptop this week.

I wish to understand what "normal" laptop noise is and what is not.

When I start it – silent. (good)

Open Chrome, 1 or 2 Browsers will set off a low trickle of sounds (clicks or beeps?) – not the end of the world but annoying in a silent room.

Presumably this is the SDD read / write mechanical noise.
Should it be practically constant at very low usage?

Open an app such as Spotify and play a song – the fan starts immediately.
Same for Netflix.

The fan is low – yes, but in a silent room, annoying!

Should a fan start working for that level of activity? I know for slim laptops the fan is normal for low level activity.

the rule of if it doesnt sound like a jet engine its fine - applicable?!

Can anyone give me an indication what noises are normal operational sounds for a new device of this make and usage level.

Thanks in advance.

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Depends on the Spec

by info1560787130 In reply to New Laptop Noise Levels - ...

It really depends on the spec of the machine. If has a slow processor and not much ram, then you can expect it to heat up quicker when more tasks are opened. If it's an i7 with 16gb Ram for example, I would expect it to be pretty quiet even with quite a few things open.

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probably dusty

by li2013 In reply to New Laptop Noise Levels - ...

this is hard to say, how do we even measure noise level and describe it to you?

my once-working MacBook air was making fan noise too after using it for 0.5-1 hour or so. it's 2013 model, it was old so dust got inside. I cleaned it while i took it apart to fix it. found lots of dust inside.
you may want to do the same.

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by kylestinson9009 In reply to probably dusty

I have a Macbook Air too, but the most recent version. Cleaning the dust helps, but most of the time, I get my earphones and block out that annoying fan noise

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