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Good afternoon all.
We just brought onboard a new lead developer at our company. My manager got promoted and the new hire will be my new manager. I was one of the people who interviewed the new LD. I had firmly declined bringing him in. However, he being a friend of our company's CIO was brought onboard. I know how much knowledge he has as far as development is concerned. He was workign with PIVOTAL a CRM system, where you just use UI to do the logic. I dont understand how can he be a project lead especially in programming. I dont have a good feeling about this. What are your views on this matter ?

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Title does n't matter

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to New Lead Developer

What's his role.
Given the skills deficit you mention Lead Developer seems out of teh question.
But a successful Technical or Project Lead would depend on skills other than those required for developing on the project.
Good programmer <> Good Leader. If he allows himself to be drawn into working on teh development, when he hasn't the experience or knowledge to overcome his skills shortage then he's an idiot and evolution will take it's course.

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Assume The Best

by Wayne M. In reply to New Lead Developer

The decision has been made. The best advice at this point is to accept the decision and assume the best.

The first step is to clarify your concerns. What is the position that the new person will fill? Is it a Manager or a Lead Developer?

A manager role is much more outward facing and detailed technical knowledge is not as important as organizational skills. If this is the case, what are your specific concerns about working for a less technical manager?

If the new person is to be a technical lead, what are your concerns? Are you concerned that there is going to be a shift in the technical approach? Are you concerned the new lead will not be able to provide you with sufficient guidance?

In either case, the best approach to take is to commit to making the new situation succeed. Introduce yourself to the new person on his first day and help him get a handle on current projects. Be a positive thought leader in your group. Avoid making comments such as "He is a friend of the CIO", and also go further. Interrupt other people's negative comments with something like, "Hey, let's give the guy a chance. I know I will."

There is no way to predict how things will be a year from now, but in any event, it is better to be remembered as one who took the initiative to make the situation succeed rather than one who complained and drug his feet.

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