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New Linux OS....SolusOS

By andrew5859 ·
For anyone who is tired of using Windows, tired of crashes, gliches, viruses, trojans, malware...etc., etc., would anyone be interested in an OS that is free, secure, and no need of virus protection or having to defrag the hard drive because your files have been scattered all over the place and now you desktop or laptop is running's a great OS for the beginner & older machines, easy to use and looks nice too;
SolusOS | Shine ON
SolusOS is a modern Linux operating system based on the hugely popular Debian Linux distribution. It...

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You may be speaking truth... and I don't doubt you....

by the old rang In reply to New Linux OS....SolusOS


On a Computer that I have loaded and tested about 40 OSs...
With 45+ years in computers...

There was no way to get the mouse/pointing device(s) to be recognized.
That and it tried to turn my main OS partition into a swap file...

Yes, I would have tested it...

but didn't

(PS: I have a wireless Linksys mouse, and used a wired compaq mouse. System has run Ubuntu, Puppy, and dozens of other variants... to paraphrase an old banana song... YES! It has not used Windows. It'll never Use windows..HOORAY!

AMD Dual Core, 8G ram, Gigabyt MB, 2+ Tbytes Disk)

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And the fact that this only comes in a 32 Bit Version

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You may be speaking truth ...

Doesn't help it much either. Even most of the what are now Old Windows Workstations which can be pressed into running Nix are all 64 Bit Capable should be a bit of a giveaway.

While there is nothing wrong with 32 Bit OS they are not at the cutting edge and are holding back development of both Hardware and Software. Not something that happened when we moved from 8 to 16 Bit Processing or from 16 to 32 Bit Processing but for some reason people seem to want to stick with 32 Bit processing when even most of the Modern Hardware not to mention the Cheap Obsolete Hardware can far exceed the capabilities of any 32 Bit OS.


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