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New Macbook

By technogeek-1995 ·
I recently purchased a new Macbook, and I was wondering if any of you forum users have any tips, tricks, sites, or other helpful information for a new Mac OS X user?

(For the most part, you all seem to be PC guys, right?)

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Unless you have a specific question

by seanferd In reply to New Macbook

probably not. Plenty of good Mac sites, though.

There were some Mac users who posted, but not so much in the Questions forum.

TiggerTwo/Tricia Liebert made a few blog posts after she switched to a Mac.

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I have figured out a question?

by technogeek-1995 In reply to Unless you have a specifi ...

How do I remove Mac Server from Mac X?

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Wipe the drive and install Windows or Linux? nt

by SKDTech In reply to I have figured out a ques ...
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by Jay217 In reply to I have figured out a ques ...

Are you talking about OSX Server?

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by technogeek-1995 In reply to umm..
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For the most part ...

by Jay217 In reply to New Macbook

I've been on a mac for about a year, so by no means a guru. But it does have a lot of built in features that make my life easier, and having linux available as well as the ability to run windowsXP/Vista in virtual boxes integrated with MacOS has been amazing. The sheer number of tools and options available is staggering.

So a few things to get used to:

Multitouch touch pad.. I miss my right click, so you can turn it on in the system preferences for the touchpad. Tap the pad with two fingers and you get a right click menu. Added bonus it annoys the **** out of regular Mac users.

Expose... the corners are nice, clear your desktop or show all your open windows with a swipe of your finger.. good stuff.

Command+space ... to open spotlight. Its what desktop search tried to copy.

If your familiar with linux then theres a lot you can already do through the terminal.

My biggest challenge has been getting used to the different keyboard shortcuts. Many are similar but use command instead of ctrl.

Heres a list for ya

Hope that helps a bit, There are a lot of mac resources out there, a lot of open source projects and programs available

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