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New made PC lasted 1 day, not booting up

By jvmkmp ·
when system is powered up all we see is monitor display blank white screen, then black then white again. can not get to bios?

any ideas? Its a asus socket 939 motherboard with AMD Athlon 64 processor. purchased parts from

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by dmiles In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...

First I would suggest you insert the system disk to reinstall the drivers and other software

Check the monitor connections first to make sure they are okay

Check that your monitor is compatible to video card and system

If you your are not able to boot into bios I would check the memory to see if modules are seated properly,this is also apply to the video card

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by Maggot In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...

Go with as dsmiles stated. But I would also get the machine down to just RAM , CPU and video device. If it fails to POST then try a different video card. Be sure to use know working RAM that is compatible with the board. Check manufacturer's site for list of recommended RAM.

Maybe even go as far as removing heat sink and checking that CPU is in the socket all the way and that locking bar is fully engaged.

Give the board a close inspection. Lookfor fractures or deformed canisters and or wrapping that appears to be damaged from heat.

Check main board manual for recommended power supply outputs and that installed power supply meets or exceeds them. Test power supply with a multi-meter. Antec makes a tester that allows you to plug the supply into it to start the supply running. You can then use the multi meter to check voltages for each lead.

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by CG IT In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...

naw use better quality stuff at reasonable prices.

Might got to Asus's forum boards, haven't looked in a while but they did have one. Chances are someone else has run into this problem and there is a fix.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...

can you stick another video card in there? maybe your on board video had infant mortality...

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by Shashank In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...

Frist check the monitor connections.
Run a self-test on the monitor to make sure if its the monitor or something else causing the issue. Also check if the monitor has only VGA or Digital connectors also, there should only be one connector for monitor connected to the tower. Also check in the BIOS, if u have a video card the onboard option should be disabled in the BIOS ( this is if u enter BIOS )
Disconnect all external peripherals from the back of the tower Just leaving the power cable on and start the system to check for POST.
If not the strip the system down to Processor, memory and power supply ( disconnect all pci/pci express cards, memory, video card, remove the power cables from the back of all the storage drives ) and then try to start system up. If then u dont get a POST then it would either be the Power Supply or the Motherboard

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by antuck In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...

I would also disconnect all power and clear the CMOS. You maybe having a conflict with some setting in BIOS and it just needs to be reset. Especially if you tried any overclocking.

Like it was mentioned about just have the memory, CPU and video card attached and see if you get anything. Also make sure the RAM is seated correctly. I had an Abit board do the samething you describe. After spending a couple of hours TS'ing, I looked on Abit's web site and sure enough someone else mentioned the same thing. After reseating and making sure the RAM was seated the system worked like a charm.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...


I had similar issues with a TFT screen.
Double cchecked the monitor plugs and tightened to make sure they are properly connected, and then turned the monitor off and on again everything OK.
This is my "test" monitor and is continually being unplugged and re plugged and the issue has arisen more than once, same fix.

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by tripster_web_design In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...

I build custom computers and have ran across this "Same Type Issue" when upgrading an older system that had a Power Supply Unit that was not able to handle the "New Job" - - when it blows it usually takes the MOBO and CPU with it.

And a blown PSU can have enough life left in it that it will actually allow your computer to seemingly "Power On", even though it is not offering the voltages necessary to run the system and even if it was, the MOBO and CPU are now fragged and unable to function. You should be able to smell that "Tell-Tale Burnt Chip Smell" near the MOBO?s Chipset if this is the case, but not always.

The only way to know "for sure", is to have the board tested with a Diag Card like the one I use. At least you will know if both the MOBO and CPU are blown and have that PSU tested without hesitation ...... if it is bad, all you are going to do to an RA or RPL MOBO and CPU is hook them back to this PSU and frag them again.

And the way companies are about this kind of stuff, I am afraid you won't be given that 2nd RPL because they will know it is not a product issue or they may challenge the Return a second time.

You have gotten several good posts and mine is just another direction to look toward and may not be the correct answer.

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by jkaras In reply to New made PC lasted 1 day, ...

1. What post beeps does it report? The amount of beeps first will tell you if its posting properly or what appears to have failed.
2. What is the exact board and processor (Venice, Clawhammer, Diego...)? We cant help you unless we have the information and the video card and any onboard video?
3. Forums and Bios flash, many processors have issues with certain boards requiring a special bios. Newegg has great posts if you can find your parts there, great advice on issues.
4. Did you properly seat the processor, bent pins? Pull it back up and inspect.

5. Are you using a 24 pin rated power supply (brand and wattage, better be over 400)or are you using a cheapo pin converter (never use these!!!)? Did you attach "ALL" the required extra 6 pin and any molex connectors to the motherboard for the stability isses. My DFI required multiple connectors.
6. Clear the jumper and make sure your motherboard isnt grounding out by not seating it down properly.
7. Like the others said reseat everything one at a time, especially memory, on my motherboard my dual channel memory had to be in the exact slots, or no go.

Most likely its a bios conflict, that has been the bane of many 939 pin motherboards of all manufacturers. Good luck and report back the information I requested, then we can help you find the issue with which piece of hardware.

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