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    New Marine and Aviation Hack


    by the_webninja9 ·

    I am working on merging some New Technology that I know it is possible to do, I just haven’t figured it out yet. Okay, XM has a Satellite System and they are able to Download Realtime Satellite Weather Radar to their XM Radio units that have an LCD Display. Bushnell jumped on this technology and incorporated it into one of their GPS units, but then they decided to back off on the idea. Aviation GPS units Still have the Capability to use this XM Satellite Radar.

    There is Software available that can Turn your Laptop into a Marine GPS unit, if any of you know about Free to Air Satellite TV, you know it is possible to recieve many Satellite Signals with the right Antenna. SO, I should be Possible to Pick up the XM Satellite Transimissions and pipe them into a Laptop GPS to display Realtime Satellite Weather Radar in the middle of the Ocean on a Boat where it would really come in handy. That’s the Project.
    Currently I am going to try using one of Bushnell’s GPS units that have the XM Satellite Radar Capability, and this GPS has the Ability to Interface with a Laptop so theoretically I should be able to display the Realtime Satellite Radar on my Laptop using this GPS. But for all the super hackers out there it might be nice to know if it is possible to just pick up the XM Signal using a XM antenna plugged into a GPS and a Laptop somehow. There is a HUGE Potiential here for some Programmers to get really rich if they jump on this.

    Any info would be appreciated,


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