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New memory causing trouble

By jbauer ·
A client of ours just tried to put in two new sticks of 256K memory, replacing one 128 stick. After she did this, when she turned the pc on, she just gets a ringing noise and nothing happens, the pc doesnt boot. She tried replacing the old memory, and now is getting the same thing happen. I checked and the new memory is the same type as the old, it was ordered specially for the model pc she has. Does anyone know why this ringing is occuring with both the new and old memory? I have had this problem before, but only because the memory I bought was the wrong type. Thanks!!

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by TheChas In reply to New memory causing troubl ...

One possibility is that in installing the memory, the video card slid out of the socket just enough to cause a problem.

Another is that dirt got onto some of the DIMM socket pins.

With power OFF (Unplug the PC if necessary as ATX systems have some power on the motherboard at all times), remove both the RAM and the video card.
Use canned air to clean out the sockets.
Re-seat both the RAM and the video card.

As a side note: if your client is running Windows 98 or Me, I recommend against installing more than 384MB of RAM.
There is a bug in the core 9X code that can cause all manner of problems with more than 511MB of RAM.


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by jbauer In reply to New memory causing troubl ...

The model of this pc is a hp pavilion 560w. There is really no "sound card". The sound card is off of the motherboard. The only cards are the network and dial up cards. Any other suggestions? Thanks

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by sgt_shultz In reply to New memory causing troubl ...

she just needs to take deep breath and reseat the ram. over and over until it works. it can fool you and feel seated and not be. especially if you can't really see well in there...
that prolonged beep, the ringing, is (imho most likely) because the computer can't see any ram. that is the i am so unhappy i am brainless beep. in my humble experience, this is usually 'no ram'. but chas is the expert here.
anyway, she probably just needs to carefully reseat the ram. i would keep trying with the new ram. it can fool you and feel seated but not be in there right.
the other thing that can happen is she is filling the wrong slot. have her try all the slots. i have changed out much ram and i always get the manual off the website and have a look at there instructions. each motherboard can be picky about what size ram in what slot and which slots need to be filled first.
tell her it is going to be fine, that it is a good sign actually that both the old and the new don't work. even if she put the wrong ram in (and she didn't, sounds like), she didn't hurt anything. have her get the machine out in good light on a nice working surface. have her unplug everything but keep the power cord plugged in so she can ground herself to the case. keep in mind you don't want to drop conductive objects in there with power on (smile).if there is stuff in the way, like the drive chassis, so she can't get at the ram slots, she might have to move it out of the way first. this will all be in pictures in the manual on the website. keep reassuring her to take her time and make notes if she wants and that she can and will have a working pc soon.
once she has the new ram in, it is going to go into Setup the first time because it knows something in the hardware has changed. just have her Save and Exit setup and it will store the new RAM settings and everything should be fine.

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by jbauer In reply to

Just bought a new PC, aparently static discharge damaged something. Thanks for all your help!

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by jbauer In reply to New memory causing troubl ...

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