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By itnewbee ·
I have a D865GBF board running XP Pro. I upgraded to 2G memory, its duel channel. The PC starts up to the Intel page and the screen goes black. NO beeps are heard. After a few tries it will start and run good it?s just getting it to boot up right. This did not happen with the old memory, I have taken the sticks out and receded them a few times, I?m sure I have the right memory. Any ideas out there.

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On the first boot after installing the new RAM

by OH Smeg In reply to New Memory

Did you enter the BIOS and make sure that the RAM was correctly Identified?

Then when you exited the BIOS did you save the Changes?

If you didn't the system will be attempting to map the installed RAM with the size of the Old amount of RAM in place and this will be causing the system to fall over.

You always need to enter the BIOS after any changes like this and make sure that the new Hardware is correctly installed and save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

If you do this now I think you'll find that this issue disappears.


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New Memory

by itnewbee In reply to On the first boot after i ...

Thanks! Im pretty sure I did but I can check to make sure.Ill post again.

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Type of memory? Speed? Slots?

by 1bn0 In reply to New Memory

Memory Type: Dual Channel DDR 400 MHz (PC3200), 333 MHz (PC2700), and 266 MHz (PC2100).
Note: Be sure to review important memory and system bus speed considerations before using this Intel? Desktop Board

"To be fully compliant with all applicable DDR SDRAM memory specifications, the board should be populated with DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data structure. This allows the BIOS to read the SPD data and program the chipset to accurately configure memory settings for optimum performance. If non-SPD memory is installed, the BIOS will attempt to correctly configure the memory settings, but performance and reliability may be impacted or the DIMMs may not function under the determined frequency.

From the manual:

"Install a matched pair of DIMMs equal in speed, size, and technology (see Figure in
DIMM 0 in both channels A and B."

Also make sure they are in the corectly paired slots. See the diagram in the manual.

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What is the memory you purchased, and from where?

by jdclyde In reply to New Memory

Is the memory all the same speed?

Keep in mind, even at the same speed, memory runs at different voltages.

Make sure in the bios that you have the correct Bus Speed selected, as well as the correct amount.

Also, if you went with cheap memory, that could be the problem. I always get Kingston that matches the MB for the system.

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