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New Microsoft Knowledge Base search page

By Schuylkill ·
Microsoft has "updated" its Knowledge Base search tools. Does anyone have an opinion on the new search pages? Personally, the one annoying thing for me is that Microsoft has limited the results to 20. Not 20 per page, but 20. I used to be able to get up to 150. Sometimes I have trouble guessing exactly how Microsoft might have phrased an article, and prefer to have a bit of a broader search, so I find this limit very restricting.

I find myself turning to Google, but narrowing a search in Google for just the MS Knowledge Base can also be a pain. I think Microsoft has messed up on this.

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It seems to be a better design

Overall, I believe the new Knowledge Base design is for the better... Even though it's not what I'd call a great search tool, it is an improvement over its predecessor.

At first, I too was bit perplexed by the 20 result limit, but then remembered how much time one could spend wading through tons of goofy results from a common search.

Whith the new tool, if the solution you're looking for isn't contained in the first 20, you simply need to run the Search again, but with additional search terms. I've found this to be somewhat successful...

The other thing that you can do is click the Advanced Search button at the bottom of the Results page and then use the form to more finely tune your search with additional search criteria.

Now, as far as using Google to search the Knowledge Base, I suggest that you try the Google Microsoft Search tool at

This version of the Google search tool is designed to narrow your search to sites that specifically provide content about Microsoft products and services, which of course includes the Microsoft Knowledge Base

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