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    Molex 4 Pin Square


    Hi There Please Anybody Than Can Help
    I Am Upgrading Computer Running Into Problem
    Mobo Msik9n Sli V2
    Cpu Amd Athlon 64×2 4600
    In The Procces I Found That I Need A 12 V 4 Pin Square Power Cord Which I Dont Have From My Psu However In The Mobo Istallation Manual It Says I Must Power The Cpu 4 Pin 12 V
    Do I Really Need It ?
    I Can Only Get Power To The Cooling Fans For About 2 Seconds And Nothing Boots??

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      RE: [i]Do I Really Need It ?

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      YES you most certainly do need it.

      You must have a very old PS as I haven’t seen one in the past 4 years that doesn’t have at the very least a 4 pin 12 V DC connector as part of it. The very old ones had a 5 pin connector like those used on XT M’Boards as a Power Plug but I haven’t seen one of those is a very long time. Anyway the answer here is to fit a new Power Supply and get a good one which will sacrifice itself rather than pass any problems onto the M’Board and destroy that.

      PS’s are not created equal many are rated to Peek Values and can not produce the stated Power Claims on a permanent basis. You are also very likely to find that the new M’Boards with the new hardware also require more power to run correctly and if you do not plug in that extra Power Connector you will damage the M’Board.


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