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Molex 4 Pin Square


Hi There Please Anybody Than Can Help
I Am Upgrading Computer Running Into Problem
Mobo Msik9n Sli V2
Cpu Amd Athlon 64x2 4600
In The Procces I Found That I Need A 12 V 4 Pin Square Power Cord Which I Dont Have From My Psu However In The Mobo Istallation Manual It Says I Must Power The Cpu 4 Pin 12 V
Do I Really Need It ?
I Can Only Get Power To The Cooling Fans For About 2 Seconds And Nothing Boots??

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The obvious answer is yes, you really need it

by NickNielsen In reply to NEW MOBO

Your last sentence is the reason why: I can only get power to the cooling fans for about 2 seconds and nothing boots

That 12 volts drives the CPU fan, without which the CPU will not boot.

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Where have you been

by TheChas In reply to NEW MOBO

Since the Pentium 4 came out, systems have needed the extra 4 pin 12 volt power connector. Motherboards need to run power to many more places and at higher currents than the standard 20 pin connector can provide.

In fact, many 64 bit motherboards need both a 24 pin regular power connector and the 4 pin 12 volt connector.

So, you do need a new power supply.

Since you appear to be upgrading an older system, make sure that the new supply has enough power for the entire system.

400 Watts is now a small power supply.
600 Watt supplies are starting to become common.


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