New modifyers for micros 9700?

By sierra_moonlite ·
I am trying to do several things on a micros 9700 system. First, I need to allow for toppings on steaks but don't know how to add this on. I want it to come up after meat temp options. Second, I need to add an option for sauerkraut on a sandwich that already exists but not as a side which is priced but free. Anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks!

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A1 sauce on the steak? sounds good

by CG IT In reply to New modifyers for micros ...

but kraut on the sandwich??? Salsa would be better.

besides your question doesn't make sense. when if your a chain restaurant you could simply call up your helpdesk and they could help you with adding menu items.

if your not a chain restaurant you could simply call up Micros and ask them if your using the Micros software with their hardware.

note: most major chain restaurants use standardize software which often is not made by the hardware mfg. For instance McDonalds. They use IBM, PAR, Micros, Panasonic hardware but have their own software which runs on the hardware. The store manager adding in menu items simply contacts the McDonalds help desk.

But in all fairness, maybe Heinz 57 for the steak rather than A1...

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How unhelpful...

by sierra_moonlite In reply to A1 sauce on the steak? so ...

I thought this was a serious site after reading some of the posts. If I had helpdesk support available to me, obviously I would have used it before coming to the internet. I believe I stated in my question that I was using Micros 9700.

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by seanferd In reply to How unhelpful...

But how many people do you think support these systems or have access to enough documentation to answer your question? Again, most large users of these systems have custom software anyway, which would be irrelevant to your case, assuming we can even know you have the default software.

This is what is publicly available from the vendor:

This site is serious enough, you just have a very closed-source, closed support, highly-specialized system. You were lucky to get a response at all, really. But when you buy these systems, you either need to have Micros tech around already, or have a support contract. I don't imagine you'd get a better answer for a question about passenger jet flight control systems, or SCADA systems either. 'Tis the nature of the beast.

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