New mother board wont recognize IDE Hard Drives

By andrewnat ·
Hi I bought a winfast 754 MB+Sempron 3300 about 3 months Ago. It was working fine until yesterday when on a reboot the bios would not recognize the HDs. After changing the cables I got it to bootup but the first double click Froze it, and again it would not recognize recognize the HDs. The drives work fine on an old celereon 300a MB. So I jumped to the conclusion the MB was faulty and bought an Asus K8N but it wont recognize the HDs either. And now I cant even get a boot display. And my newest HD starts beeping when plugged in.So I am asuming that its the CPU Is this the likely cause. Any sugestions as to what else it might be? I am using new cables and have searched in vain through the manual for any reference to an IDE jumper

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Start off with a Known Good Power Supply and test

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New mother board wont rec ...

Quite often the PS's fitted to most cases leave a lot to be desired and can destroy the internals when they give up the ghost. I always recommend Antec Power Supplies as they will sacrifice themselves to protect the computer so to me that's cheap insurance.


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If the drives are old, they may need a firmware upgrade

by Why Me Worry? In reply to New mother board wont rec ...

but if they are fairly recent, I'd opt for the solution of ensuring your power supply has enough juice for the entire system. The older ATX power supplies simply don't cut in anymore with new peripherals that require more power to run.

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Thanks you guys were right again

by andrewnat In reply to New mother board wont rec ...

Thanks for the feedback guys, the fact that people will take the time out of busy lifes to help a total stranger is one of the things that makes the net such a wonderfull place.

(Edit A new Power supply solved the prob, at this stage I could only afford another cheapie. I will invest in a Antec for my next system.)

Unfortuantly at the moment the only way I can get hold of Known working suply is buy one but the budget is severly limited at the moment(Oh no not another sob story, lol)
I also thought of the Power Suply and had nothing conected except 1HD + 1CD. The power supply is about 18 months old. It is only a cheap Omni brand but is rated at 500 watts. What componenents are they likley to fry? (if thats not to hard a question)
The 3 hard drives are various ages the newest about 18 months the oldest 5 years
and the MB had no trouble with them for 3 months

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I'm a bit more cautious with PS than the Average person

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks you guys were righ ...

Bit then again I've seen some messy results when they die. Best case is that it just stops working and no harm is done.

Normally they stop working and destroy the M'Board CPU & RAM if you're lucky.

Worst case I've seen a PS Fail and allow mains voltage inside the case then out across the network and it destroyed everything connected to the LAN including the Telco's Voltage Limiting devices outside so they had to pay for these as well.

250 computers completely destroyed every peripheral destroyed and about 50K to repair the Telco's damage. This was on a 3 day old sever with an unbranded PS that was so underrated for the job that it wasn't funny and the company who built it went broke to avoid paying out on the damage that they had caused.


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Food For Thought

by andrewnat In reply to I'm a bit more cautious w ...

That really is some food for thought this one actually died on my shiny new MB(it was DOA when the pc shop tested it) so my old MB should be OK but I still have to test it.
The weird way this one acted shows that the board must be getting a corrupt power supply
and that cant be a good thing.
Oh well at least its a very nice MB so I will start building a Athlon system with a quality PS, maybe even one of the cheaper Antec switching PS
As they say "You learn something every day"
Thanks again

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