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New motherboard and display problem

By josray ·
I have changed the mother board of a PC and used the old processor. When I booted up i found out that I had no display.
Can anyone help please?

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Motherboard/ Processor???

by rojumail In reply to New motherboard and displ ...


Can you tell what exactly is the processor and new MotherBoard which you are using??? Are you using any extra display driver card?

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New MB is ASROCK and display is same old one on previous MB

by josray In reply to Motherboard/ Processor???

ASROCK Model K7S41GX and Display Card is
MX(400) 64MB AGPVA.
Old MB Model Gigabyte A-7ZXE

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Start with the power supply

by mjd420nova In reply to New MB is ASROCK and disp ...

First verify if the P/S is working. If it won't or tries but can't, then look for a short somewhere. Too often when replacing a motherboard, you can overlook some small insulating washers on the underside of the board. Sometimes they are glued to the board and sometimes to the stand off. Try to isolate from ground until you can verify.

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Clear CMOS and CPU

by TheChas In reply to New MB is ASROCK and disp ...

1 make sure that the Clear CMOS jumper is not set to the Clear position. Often, motherboards are shipped with the jumper on clear and do not boot.

2 make sure that the motherboard supports your older CPU. If the motherboard does not support the correct Front Side Bus speed, the CPU cannot get the correct speed and will not run.

3 what about RAM? Did you use your old RAM? Is it speed appropriate for the CPU and motherboard combination?

4 your older video card is AGP 2X / 4X it may not work with the 8X / 4X 1.5 volt slot on the new motherboard.

If the system appears to POST, but you get no video, it may be using the on-board video.

You may need to enter BIOS setup and change the default display adapter.


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Got Your Message

by TheChas In reply to New MB is ASROCK and disp ...

I got your message.

Most motherboard manufactures have lists of what CPUs are supported on their motherboards.

There should also be some reference as to what CPUs are supported in the manual for the motherboard.

You might also try booting up with out your video card, and your monitor connected to the on board video.


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Please help

by josray In reply to Got Your Message

Inno 3D Tornado Geforce2 MX (400) AGP
Can you please help with a problem I am encountering?

I am using the above AGP on a new mother board Model AMD K7S41GX, is this possible or the two does not match?

When I booted up the PC, no display came up.

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Check Jumpers

by TheChas In reply to Please help

Verify which specific AMD processor you are using. Per the ASRock web site, this motherboard supports processors from 900 MHz and up. A slower CPU may not function.

There are jumpers on the motherboard that need to be set for the Front Side Bus speed of the processor. See page 14 of the users manual.

Your RAM needs to be at least fast enough for the FSB speed set for the CPU.

I recommend that you start with using the on-board video. Once you have everything else working, you can then try your video card.


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Blue screen

by josray In reply to Check Jumpers

Hi Chas,
FSB jumpers changed and managed to get display, but after the begining of POST, I am getting a blue screen with the following error:
0x0000007B (0xF7**1640, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000).
I tried booting up in safe mode but no luck.

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Please help Boot up problems

by josray In reply to Blue screen

I was getting a blue screen with the following error:
0x0000007B (0xF7**1640, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000).
I tried booting up in safe mode but no luck. I have just installed a new M. Board ASRock Model AMD K7S41GX, New DDR RAM 512Mb and using a processor which was on a different M Board Gigabyte Model A-7ZXE. Please can you help?????

I have replaced the HDD with a new one with OS installed on it but when windows nearly comes up, pc reboots its self automaticaly. any idea y this is happening pls????

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by rojumail In reply to Blue screen

What is the processor which you are using now?

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