New motherboard, cpu fan works and leds, but nothing else

By amik_kwe ·
I just recently bought a biostar k8m800-m7a motherboard with a new semperon processor already installed. I also purchased new RAM. Everything installed ok, but when I plugged in the led lights and cpu fan came on without me powering up the computer. I reset the cmos settings and now everything is off until I power up, but still only the fan and lights, no hard drive or cd drive. And it will not let me turn it off by the power button, but will power on with it. I checked that the RAm was seated well. Any idea?

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With all this connected can you see anything on your monitor?

If you can then press the key marked "F2" or "DEL" on your keyboard. You might need a Ps/2 keyboard for this to work. Can you access the bios?

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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no there is nothing on the monitor, black screen

by amik_kwe In reply to With all this connected c ...

No there is only a black screen, haven't been able to install the chipset yet either, as my dvd drive isn't functioning.

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Have you

by Jacky Howe In reply to no there is nothing on th ...

added your own Video Card. If so reconnect the monitor to the Onboard Video.

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Ok.. Try this..

Take out your processor. Give the processor a good clean (wipe off all of the paste) also the bottom of the heatsink/fan. Replace the processor into the mount on your board, make sure it is seated correctly. Now apply a very small amount (and i mean a small amount) of thermal paste to your processor and then very carefully seat your heatsink/fan back on top.
Now do you see anything on your monitor?

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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