New Motherboard (NOISY)

By Dolphin111 ·
Hi! everyone, i would like some help with a new motherboard.
Specs its a FOXCONN P4M8907MB-2.0-RS2H, VIA P4M890+VT823ZA,
SOCKET 775, FSB 1066/800/533MHz, PCIex 16, DDR2 533/400.
The ATX power connector is 24 pin how many voltage would this board need?
Well the problem is this i "connected everthing, when i power it up there is this long long noise, the CPU fan runs but no display.
When i take out the ATX 12V power Connector the noise stops the CPU funs but no display, i tried changing the memory still no solution".
Any help i appreciate.

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Where is the noise?

by bsmith523 In reply to New Motherboard (NOISY)

Describe the noise. You said when you disconnect the power the noise goes away. What did you disconnect, the connector to the motherboard of to one of the internal devices? How do you know the CPU runs if you don't get a display?

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Noisy Motherboard after Installation

by Dolphin111 In reply to Where is the noise?

Thanks for your reply! As for the noise its a long none stop noise, which only goes off when i power off the PC, like i said i only experience this when the 12V power connector is connected. As for the CPU i tried several of them which are working.

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I'm still not sure

by bsmith523 In reply to Noisy Motherboard after I ...

what is the noise? I will assume you mean that the noise is coming from the motherboard similar to beep you get in windows but constant. This usually means something has been connected incorrectly on the motherboard. You say the sound is only there when you connect the 12V power connector. Do you mean the connector from the power supply to the motherboard? This is the large group of pins usually referred to as the ATX connector. Without this plugged in, the motherboard will not work which would explain why there is no noise. Recheck all your connections on the motherboard to see if something is backwards. Did you install the memory chips? You would also get this sound if there are no memory chips or if they are installed incorrectly. Make sure there is atleast one chip installed in slot 1. Look on the slots on the MB, it will say which slot is which. The MB may start with slot 0. Either way, find the lowest number slot and check that one.

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