New Motherboard same hard drive

By pjscarfo ·
BIOS installs and recognizes hard drive. Windows XP will now not boot up. Blue screen stop error. How do you avoid this happening?

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New and different model motherboard?

by Langlier In reply to New Motherboard same hard ...

If so you can attempt a repair install of windows (not likley to work though).

most likely youll have to start from scratch. Too many different drivers.

if its the same model of MB see if you can boot into safe mode and make sure its detecting all the devices properly.

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As the above poster quite rightly said different M'Board

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New Motherboard same hard ...

Needs different drivers. So if you only have a recovery CD of XP you need to go out and buy either an OEM Copy or a Retail Copy and then you can perform an In Place Repair Install by following the directions here


But a warning if you have the Pro version of XP and are using Windows Encrypted File System you need to save all your data before doing anything at all as you will lose your Private Encryption Key and all your data will be unreadable. NB this only applies if you had XP Pro installed as none of the other versions of XP support EFS.

To save your encrypting Key you need to attach this HDD to a working XP Pro computer and follow the directions here


You will also need to take ownership of the Data files by following these directions


After you have saved the Private Encryption Key and Data you can then proceed to do a In Place Install from either an OEM or Retail copy of XP. If you have a recovery CD for the original computer it only has the drivers for the hardware supplied with the original computer so it will be useless to you in this case. Though you should be able to use any Copy of XP that is the same version like Home, Pro, MCE and use your product key on with the Install CD maybe provided that the original maker didn't use a Volume License Copy of XP them if they did you are stuck with needing to buy a new copy of XP.


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