new network admin

By lollatemy7700 ·
i am new network admin and i am asked to present a proposal to fully manage ,control,and secure the current network infrastructure.
the current status of the network is 130 clinets attached to the network and a DSL connecting all clients to the internet directly through a switch.
my proposal is to setup the following:
1- domain server
2- antivirus server
3- exchange mail server
4- i may install database servers for backup purposes.
plz would some person help me to design the network and how the traffic will be handeled?

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Some suggestions

by cody In reply to new network admin

Here are some other things to add:

1. FIREWALL! Always get a firewall to block out hackers and protect your network. Get a firewall with annual firmware updates as well. Something that is managed

2. Get a web filtering software package. Get something like WEBMARSHAL from You can create rules to limit internet access, downloading executables and blocking nasty sites.

3. Get ANTISPAM filtering on your Exchange emails. There are good third party companies out that can do antispam filtering. Redirect your MX records so emails goes to them first, gets cleaned then sent back to your server. That way, you are sure of cleaned emails and no virus emails either.

4. Put everyone on GIGABIT network by upgrading your switch as well.

5. Get a good BACKUP solution. Use BackupExec software to backup your files on the server and get some backup tapes to back them up to.

Hope that helps.

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by lollatemy7700 In reply to Some suggestions

thank you for replying and it's really usefull but iam still looking for the way to connect all elements together so i can get security plus easy traffic flow..

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by cody In reply to thanx

We use the Checkpoint Firewall for our clients ( This has all the firewall features you need, VPN, rules, easy Web based administration, antivirus filtering (addon extra) and website blocking as well if you want an all in one package.

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If funds fall short.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Some suggestions

Always remember that the best stuff goes up in the front of the network....

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firewall / gateway / anti-spam all in one?

by 1bn0 In reply to new network admin

You might want to consider an appliance such as a Barracuda or Fortigate firewall.

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Keep it simple

by StealthWiFi In reply to new network admin

For that many clients I would get a good hardware firewall (Watchguard has one that will take care of SPAM and Virus as well) Place a nice 10/100/1000 router behind it and have 3 servers. 1 DC, 1 Exchange, 1 database/Virus/File. With that many clients I wouldn't worry too much about size. Trend Micro Office Scan rocks for Virus install it on the 3rd server and on the client desktops and enjoy. Set the Exchange SPAM filter correctly and the firewall SPAM filters and your good to go there. For backups Blu Ray is my prefered method but a nice NAS or external USB drive that can be locked up off site for Disaster Recovery is nice.

Firewall ---- GigaRouter ----- >DC,Exchange, File/Virus... ---- Backups


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I would recommend

by cmiller5400 In reply to Keep it simple

I would recommend another server as a backup DC just in case the other bites the bullet, buys the farm, gives up the ghost etc...

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I went through this same thing..

by XnavyDK In reply to new network admin

Dont think so big.

Start with the immediate first. start designing with paper and pencil. decide on work the hardware as it were a hierarchical pyramid, or a spider web. starting from where the internet will enter, start drawing a firewall and server the computers, how they are laid out physically and virtually. details such as domain name and dns names, individual PC naming criteria. I used [companyname]-[number]. starting with organization is key to making it easy. when i got here the computers were named for the people who used them, yup changed that. I set up the domain and firewall in one week. Set up Active Dir and the roaming profiles. Then Group policys the next week. and so on. the important thing to remember from the start again is to be organized and think of what the users will need then start locking the system down so the users cant damage your fledgling network with a vundo on a thumb drive.

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Good Point

by StealthWiFi In reply to I went through this same ...

Definatly start on paper and design our your network, specfics as to hardware and such will most likely depend on cost. You might want to draw out a few diagrams to present them with lightly researched prices (or more heavly depending on your requirments)

P.S Many companies have software you can get to help design your network. For a comapny of your size screw that, paint and pics stolen off the net will make more sence to the execs. Also, don't forget to start documenting early, it's a pain in the *** but much easier to document as your build then start later down the road.


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That is it......

by lollatemy7700 In reply to I went through this same ...

oh yes that is exactly what i need, thanx lot sir and hope i can get some help in those matters that may stop me specially in designing issue.

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