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    New ‘new bug’….


    by hippiekarl ·

    When I click on a blog (this has happened twice since yesterday, the latest–just now–was to Deb Littlejohn-Schinder’s “How MS could take over…”), I’m directed to a page with the article and no comments. Clicking the ‘comments’ button, or the adjacent one (a ‘balloon’ enclosing the current number of comments), I’m sent down the page to… comments. I’m able to reach them only by clicking the link from the ‘all articles/blogs’ list elsewhere. Doing that gets to the discussion without the article.

    Anyone else notice this yet?

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      I almost said "yes", but the comments finally loaded.

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to New ‘new bug’….

      AFAICT, they are always tinkering with the site, so it could be that. I suppose it is possible that TR may experience more connections than the servers or bandwidth can handle occasionally, since they have attracted many more new users after the site redesign, &c (according to the PTB).

      edit: Oh, yes, that particular article is definitely broken. I was just seeing lag in some other cases.

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      It may be blog specific

      by michael jay ·

      In reply to New ‘new bug’….

      try this one,;discussion-table
      then scroll to the title, clicking on that brings up the blog without comments, I waited a while per Sean but no comments.

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      Fixing the issue

      by golampo ·

      In reply to New ‘new bug’….

      We have identified a problem w/ comments loading on select blog posts. Fix is going out very soon. Thanks for helping to point it out.

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      Fix is out

      by golampo ·

      In reply to New ‘new bug’….

      Sorry about that folks.

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        Missed your post – but thanks!

        by seanferd ·

        In reply to Fix is out

        I hereby retroactively recognize and thank you for every broken thingumie you have fixed.

        Thank you, and cheers!

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        You’ve been quite the busy little bee.

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Fix is out

        Well done.

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