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New Org Chart or Not? Thats the Question

By edward.christensen ·
I have to start working at a new company, where I am introducing new people to a mix of people who don't work well together. They don't appreciate new managment, and introducing myself, and new employees may cause the mix to get even more heated.The question is, do we introduce us as a shadow team, or a new org chart that just hammers the point home? I am inclined to go with the new org chart and tell people to get over it or get out, but we are close to a deadline and can't afford a knowledge loss.

Any input?

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new organization

by shelleydoll In reply to New Org Chart or Not? Tha ...

You're only a shadow team if you're temporary. Introducing yourself as such will make existing people think you won't be there long.

A new org chart, or at least a brief meeting will help introduce everyone. As far as reception goes, its hard to tiptoe around something that everyone knows is happening. It's better to just get it out in the open from the start, and have a plan for team integration. Don't be afraid to ask existing team members to make the new members feel welcome. This is an easy way to outline your expectations of acceptance.

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