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By zalanmeggyesi ·
How many people are here who are capable of recoding a Linux kernel, and would be willing to custom-make one?

I'm attempting to create a new operating system, one that integrates the kernel with a set of generic device drivers to operate the computer a on basic level, and a set of device drivers to enable the use of internet.

Is this possible, or do I need some modification?
During the weekend, I will be posting some drawings to help everyone understand the concept of this ... thing.

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it's easy

by Jaqui In reply to New OS

just take the kernel config from any livecd and run the kernel make

the livecd versions of linux all have kernels that do exactly what you want. I myself like the linuxfromscratch livecd, though it doesn't support most sound cards it does support most other devices.
[ sound being an extra not needed for building linux from sources was the reasoning ]
The next version of the LFS livecd will include sound support, for the screen reader support for visually impaired currently being fixed. [ braille terminals already functioning ]

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