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Well start with the obvious

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to Pick

Remove the M'Board from the case and just have the CPU and it's Heatsink/Fan Fitted then plug in all the Power Leads from the Power Supply and apply power. If you do not have a spare set of leads to plug onto the headers of the M'Board you can use a screwdriver to short out the Power Pins to see if it works.

The most obvious is TO MAKE SURE THAT THE CPU IS ON THE RIGHT WAY but when you apply power you should hear a Beep from the Onboard Speaker. If that happens then add in 1 RAM Module and apply power again.

You should have the M'Board on some clean white paper so it doesn't short out.

If it works with 1 RAM Module plug in the Video Card and attach a Monitor and then apply power again. Follow these steps installing 1 component at a time till it is fully assembled and working or till it stops working at which point you have found your problem the last bit plugged in.

You also have to watch the case and make sure that there are no standoffs touching the back of the M'Board where there are not any holes.

After you have it fully assembled and running you can pull it all apart again and fit the M'Board to the Case and then apply power again to make sure that there are no shorts between the M'Board and case.

If it works with just the M'Board you can then fit the RAM and Video Card as well as all the power leads and continue till you either have a fully working unit or it stops Posting.

Lets know how you get on.

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