New PC Build startup issue

By casblue18 ·
So I assembled my new PC last night and unfortunately am having some trouble getting it running.
I flip my PSU on and my Mobo LED lights up; good. However, when I then hit the case “on” button, the fans start spinning and other Mobo LED’s light up for about a second or two and then everything quickly stops/shuts down. The blue Mobo LED is the only thing that stays lit up.

I’ve double and triple-checked that all my PSU connections are solid.
The PSU is brand-new; bought it last night.
This is my second Mobo – first was RMA’d since it had burnt-out caps on arrival.

System specs:
EVGA 680I (122-CK-NF68-AR), e6600, 2gb Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 R, XFX GF7950GT, 150G WesternDigital 10K 16M SATA, Thermaltake Toughpower 750w, NZXT|ZERO ATX, LG DVD-RW, Hanns-G 19” WSFP

Any thoughts on why this might be occurring?
An initial idea is that I need to boot with lower voltage ram -- might this be it?
Thanks in advance! :)

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Start simple

by mjd420nova In reply to New PC Build startup issu ...

Begin with just the MOBO connected, no plugin cards except video. Then work your way up, plug in the drives one by one, the the plugin cards, one at a time. It does sound like something is faulting the power supply and not letting it start. Most likely culprit would be one of the drives. Don't forget the memory too.

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hes right

by Naw-yi In reply to Start simple

do the simple start, also eventhough the e6600 has been tested to run with just a passive heatsink, u might want to reinstall your processor, clean the previous paste from the cpu and remember alittle paste is better then alot.

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Ok. Do I need to clean the Heatsink as well?

by casblue18 In reply to hes right

Good point. Could the residual thermal "goo" on my CPU from the previous installation be causing my problems? (I had to RMA the original MB due to a fried capacitor on arrival).

Should I also clean off the bottom of the stock heatsink with isopropyl alcohol prior to re-installing the CPU? (it also has the thermal compound residue on the connection surface -- does this need to be cleaned as well?)
Thanks again!

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by Naw-yi In reply to Ok. Do I need to clean t ...

the isopropyl alcohol should be 150% or higher. and yes clean where ever the paste is. also, look at the bottom of the heatsink,where the paste is applied, and see if its smooth the smoother the better.

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