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New PC Use Policy

By ForVirg ·
Has anyone out there had problems with workers when trying to institute a formal policy? My company has just moved to new facilities and expanded a lot. I have been moved into the Sys Admin position over a W2K network. A lot of the employees who moved from the "old" site are used to a very informal atmosphere and are balking at signing the PC policy (which I downloaded and tweaked from Tech Republic). The boss is really soft on these particular people, but so far is backing me. My stance of course is protecting the company's substantial investment in equipment and data (and covering myself legally as well).

Interestingly, the problem is also a good thing - they're taking the policy very seriously and are worried about its implications for their jobs (i.e., inappropriate internet use specifically!)

Anyone have any advice on the best way to get these people on board?



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Ahhh...Ye olde user policy debate>!

by radiic In reply to New PC Use Policy

This thread should me number one in no time at all.

I think you will find that all of us admins have faced and face this problem daily. I just started working for a bank about 6 months ago. Small but growing. I inherited a network put together by a consulting company, needless to say it is a nightmare, but am starting to get a hold on it. Every one had access to the I-net. No user policies or I-net poicies were in place. Of course it was one of the first things i implemented. I heard the grumbles immediately and responded. I simply say to people when the complain to me about it is that the policy is being put into place to protect you as well as the company. Imagine a coworker for some reason doesnt get along with you and they hack their way onto your computer and delete some of your work, or put some .jpg's of young females on your pc, or a host of other things. Wouldnt you like to know that that person can be punished for it. Without a policy in place you can't fire someone for doing that. They can use the I didn't know defense. The I-net user policy is a whole different can of worms...I always here from people, well what about if somehow i click on a link and it pops up some porn site...(internal chuckle)Side note...I have been surfing the net since its invention, and I have never been to a porn site by accident I always tell them well just make a note of what you clicked on that took you to that web site, and send it to me. That way when your boss looks at the log files and sees that you were I can tell him that you were there by accident....(one more internal chuckle)...I think these users think we are stupid when it comes to sfuff like that. CONT>>>

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Porn By Accident

by clearsmashdrop In reply to Ahhh...Ye olde user polic ...

Ive been surfing the net since 96 and Ive been to porn sites by accident. Ever wanna go to the White House website and accidently type instead of .gov ?

One is for the USofA and the other is porn. Also, Ive clicked on adds for articles only to be redirected to a porn site. Doesnt happen very often, but its happened.
Just a week ago or so Webvan auctioned off their equipment. Guess what happend when we went to to see if there was any info on the sale. Yup. Naked ladies!
I dont what the story was about that. I tried today and the page just errors.

How ever I agree that nobody accidently types in an address like :-) Nor do they accidently create a folder inside My Documents and fill it with JPG.

For me at least porn is the smallest worry in a PC user agreement. My greatest worry is someone downloaded a virus via Hotmail or Yahoo. We run a very relaxed environment for our users but Nimda finally made the uppermanagment types more open to locking some things down.

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Okay sometimes yes

by radiic In reply to Porn By Accident

I agree that there are redirectors and some bad names that are close to real ones. But> It is work. Thats why they call it work. If it were playtime, then they wouldnt call it work. I am sure that if one of my users was sitting at his desk and eating lunch and accidently went to a site, I would take that into consideration. But I do tell them that if they are worried about it, the best thing is to email me an tell me. I keep a private folder with encryption witht these emails in them. If there boss every looked at the logs and asked i could whip out the email and say, ohhh yea i know about that, he was surfing during lunch and accidently went to that site. Its a different story if the user stays at the site lets say for 40 minutes though, and activly searchs that site. I think that you would have to agree with that. You also missed the wink i gave when i made the statement "I have been surfing the net since its invention, and I have never been to a porn site by accident " I meant that yes i have but your users dont need to know that...

Just remember you are the leader of the user policy, and if anyone even thinks for a second that you are violating it, it will casue some great friction.

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by clearsmashdrop In reply to Okay sometimes yes

" Just remember you are the leader of the user policy, and if anyone even thinks for a second that you are violating it, it will casue some great friction. "

I cant agree more with this statment. It looks terrible for IT to have a do as I saynot as I do attitude. And yes, I missed the wink wink part. :-)

This includes downloading trialware and never paying for the license. I cant expect a user to understand, sorry you cant have that software, when Im running bootleg stuff myself.

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Speaking of Hotmail

by admin In reply to Porn By Accident

I had a user in a remote site calling me in an uproar about the pop-up porn windows Hotmail was using last week. Seems she used 2 "T's" on accident on investigation......

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Part 2

by radiic In reply to Ahhh...Ye olde user polic ...

I just make it known though that log files of their activity are kept and that only their boss will see it if he requests it. Make sure you emphasize that you do not go looking through the logs, even though you do...That scares people. Even though it is our job to figure out which users are sucking up the B/W with real audio downstreams and crap like that. They just dont think that we should know...But we always do...

Bottom Line is that its up to you to ease their worries...They are not only worried that you will know that they were at but that they can get busted for it now...

Good Luck
In the bond of Sys Admins.

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(-; Warez Sites

by LordInfidel In reply to Ahhh...Ye olde user polic ...

Need I say more.....

Love them popups.

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I say more

by radiic In reply to (-; Warez Sites

Users should not be at warez sites. If they are they are probably up to something. The only one allowed to go to warez sites from my network is me LOL...The point is that users should not be using their work computer for personal surfing. Nowwe allow them to have a little freedom, but if they abuse it, then i have the right to block them from internet access. If we didnt have a user policy in place then we wouldnt be able to do that.

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Clarifying what you said...

by TomSal In reply to Ahhh...Ye olde user polic ...

I'm with you on all what you say, but let me offer one tidbit of info.

You state that you can't fire someone for reviewing inappropriate material unless there's a policy warning the employee about this.

This is completely false. And it will hold in a court of law (at least in the state of NJ it will).

Why? One slightly obsecure reason and one blatantly obivious reason.

The obvious reason is because any employer in the USA has the right to fire you with or without reason at any timethey feel like it. Now true you can sue on some cases when you are fired and you can win against the employer - but unless you have proof of the employer breaking laws (sexual harrassment, prejudice against your race, sex, color, religion,etc. or say breaking specific labor laws or the like on those lines) you will lose. Your case won't even see the inside of a courtroom in fact.

Secondly, the more obsecure fact depending on the state you live in - is the employer is specifically protected for this exact case. Most states, state that employers have the right to monitor all communication like phone and Internet with or without knowledge given to the employees.

So you may want to double check your state laws before someone gets one over on you. I verified my state laws by calling my state capital!

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True in Idaho as well.

by admin In reply to Clarifying what you said. ...

Those "Right to Work" laws make this even more clear!

Still, we let everyone know that the company owns and can monitor all work produced with company equipment in our policies, including the e-mail I just wrote to mom. This is beyond monitoring,if you use work equipment to produce something, we own it.

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