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new pc went dead

By rwzinda ·
i just finished building a new pc with a powmax 500w PS. it fired up fine and ran for 1 day , then went dead. mobo light was out..everything. i replaced the power supply with an identical one and it fired right up, then it too went dead over night . same thing again no power at all ..mobo light out.

can 2 identical PS be defective? seems PS didnt affect the mobo or other components , because they all worked again after installing replacemant PS.

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by Oz_Media In reply to new pc went dead

Sounds like you need to review your power requirements. Some people just pop ni a power suply, but although there seems to be a common spec for MOST home retail boxes, if you are building your own, ensure you have enough power, and also that you MOBO BIOS is up to date and supports your power supply output.

Now a 500 SOUNDS ample but it will be determined by the quality and efficiency of the drives and cards installed as to whether it is enough.

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by rwzinda In reply to new pc went dead

the PS came with the case [electroseller].i have aasus P4PE800 MOBO,1 western 120 hdd, 2 cdroms, 1 floppy, gforce 4 TI4600 3d card, and santa cruz S/C.
i built 3 of these with identical components all are fine. except the PS. they were 400's.

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by TheChas In reply to new pc went dead

I wonder if you are having power surges.

Either on the AC line, or extra power draw when a component heats up.

I have found that Powmax has 2 lines of power supplies.

The aftermarket supplies are very robust and reliable.

The OEM supplies are often "peak" load rated.
That is, the 500 watt rating is the total of each outputs maximum power, and does not take into account any limitations on combined current draw.

From a manufacturing standpoint, bad components tend to run in batches. So it is possible to have several of the same lot of power supplies fail in the same manner.


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by rwzinda In reply to new pc went dead

first 2 Pc's o built were fine, the 3rd pc was built with same case and PS, and had a defective PS ! loose coil inside. it had a 400W PS. I replaced it with one i got on ebay and is fine.they sent me an upgraded replacement for it..a 420W. the next 2 were from same place in cases. both PS blew out within 24 to be a bad batch from china!

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