New PC with fast graphics card but graphics slow

By colingbradley ·
My new PC has a nVidia GeForce 8400 GS PCIe but when scolling it behaves like a very old 1982 IBM PC.
2 Gb of DDR II ram and a fast DualCore AMD Athlon 64 x 2, 2500MHz processor.

How can this be slow, moving line by line on a spreadsheet is just painful.

Solution found, I downloaded the latest drivers and all is now great!

Thanks anyway....

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by JamesRL In reply to New PC with fast graphics ...

The 8400 isn't the fastest for games, but for spreadsheets it should be fine.

What else do you have running at the same time?

How big is the spreadsheet? Is it Excel? Which version.

I suspect it has nothing to do with the graphics card.


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what is the procesor utilization when scrolling?

by robo_dev In reply to New PC with fast graphics ...

if it's at 100%, that would explain slow scrolling.

what OS?

Got viruses?

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XP Pro - no viruses - old driver

by colingbradley In reply to what is the procesor util ...

OS is XP Pro
New install and no viruses.

The problem was the drivers that came with the PC were not only out of date but had failed to install so I was running a very basic video.

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Put in another 1gb of memory and..

Male sure you have the latest drivers for the new graphic card. This card should have you racing along pages of text/docs.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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new drivers rule OK

by colingbradley In reply to Put in another 1gb of mem ...

The old drivers were the problem.
New drivers downloaded and all is fine.

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The 8400 family uses Turbocache therefore it steals system memory

by OldER Mycroft In reply to New PC with fast graphics ...

for use in the GPU. If you are running Vista there is not even any warning that this is happening.

Depending on the size of your spreadsheet, together with the covert actions of Turbocache, you may very well be running out of system RAM.

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