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By jlMitchell ·
I'll try to sum my situation up as short as possible.
I was recently hired to fill a newly appointed help desk position at an ~800 person business. IT had shared help desk responsibilities before and the small IS group (5 total tech/admins/etc)all answered calls that came into the queue. My position was created to be tier 1 support. The first couple months were really busy as I answered calls and also tagged along to learn the layout and equipment. Eight months down the road and now I've reached a peak that, to learn anything new, would take time away from my primary job. Everyone here is great and my boss(the CIO)is like our buddy and doesn't micro-manage at all.
My problem now is that I'm trying to find odd jobs to fill the time. They run a pretty tight ship and we only get about 20-25 calls a day (mostly passwords/misc stuff). Rarely do I have to pass the problem along. I find myself decommissioning old PCs, organizing the tech room, and recently making clear guides and instructions for processes we do. There's no pressure from the CIO(we don't keep track of incoming calls) as I mentioned - very laid back. I feel I should be doing more, but am strapped to the desk? Since it's a new position I'm assuming more will be added down the road.
I very much enjoy the job and plan on being with the company as long as possible(there's not many IT jobs around here).

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by Fregeus In reply to New Position Advice - Hel ...

I'm not sure what you're expecting from us. Sounds like you have a good thing going there. Keep up the good work, keep your ears open, be curious and if you need a way to pass time, a good tech book is always a good way to do that.


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A little feedback

by jlMitchell In reply to Well

I'm just looking for a little feedback if anyone has any experience similar to mine. Since my boss is never breathing down my neck about getting this an that done, I'm kind of left on my own. What other responsibilities did you have working tier 1 help desk?

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It happens more often than none

by abolosin In reply to A little feedback

I think you could approach this situation of yours as a test to see how you do on your own. In many companies, new employees are left on their own to "take the lead" on projects or whole departments. Try to come up with new ideas to improve the way the IT management is done without imposing too much. That way you can give value to your boss and keep yourself occupied. Does it make sense?

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Learn something new

by IC-IT In reply to New Position Advice - Hel ...

Perhaps some scripting that relates to system/user administration.

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by jlMitchell In reply to Learn something new

What kind of scripting? I've always had a problem with creating scripts and I would also not want to step on the Network Administrator's toes and play around with his AD.
I'm up for learning something new, but it'd have to be almost strictly research online.

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Here is a nice place to start

by IC-IT In reply to Examples?

There are also many references around the net on mapping drives, printers, shares, etc with WMI, VBS, bat files and more.
An example could be a common use computer that different users logon to. Perhaps they all have a need to print to a networked printer close by or several. A simple WMI script placed in the AllUsers startup folder can do the job (don't forget to insure the permissions are ok).

Set WshNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
PrinterPath = "\\printserver\sharename"
WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection PrinterPath
WshNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\printserver\sharename"

If several;
Set WshNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
PrinterPath = "\\printserver\sharename1"
WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection PrinterPath
PrinterPath = "\\printserver\sharename2"
WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection PrinterPath
PrinterPath = "\\printserver\sharename3"
WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection PrinterPath
PrinterPath = "\\printserver\sharename4"
WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection PrinterPath
WshNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\printserver\sharename2"

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I am in a very similar position....

by KaryDavis In reply to New Position Advice - Hel ... my boss who is very laid back and I work in an IT department that is very progressive and hard working. Sometimes it seems I am the only one in my department with down time!!

My job was new to the company when they hired me as well and I am the only tier one tect onsite.

I also try to fill my time, keeping track of inventory, organization, hardware retirement, etc. But I have found other ways to grow my responsibilities over the two years I've been here by watching for opportunities to take some of the more mundane tasks from the developers and network guy.

For instance, I am now the official "phone" person...doing all the MAC's. I'm also the blackberry setup and transfer person...I also take care of swapping out the backups. I take weekly "strolls" around the company...just checking in with users to see if anyone has any IT or tech concerns that haven't made it to the ticket queue.

I've created reports, such as printer locations, desktop assignments, etc., that help the network guy....Phone reports, internal call sheets, etc.

I discovered ways to help more through my duties as meeting secretary, taking minutes at all the IT Dept meetings...usually after transcribing and typing the notes.

At every review, I make sure my boss knows that I'm open to more projects or tasks...and ask for suggestions.

One warning...NEVER EVER EVER tell your boss your bored...I did that once...never will again!!! ;o)

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Help desk

by tywife25 In reply to I am in a very similar po ...

everybody wants more duties... and i'm trying to get my foot in the door, so i can at least get my feet wet..... just reading each thread gives me motivation, because sometimes when im applying i get discourage because a company wants you to know XYZ with 3-5 years experience and being that this would be my first IT position, i be scared.... although i know every company is different however, i suppose once i get in the door, everything else would work itself out.... i have a question out of all the calls you get. what are the most problems you have?

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