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"New Position" "New Company"

By slapdash ·

You'll see I posted the title in inverted commas.

I have been working for a company for 3 years now and made my way from junior HTML coder to a ASP Developer and Support Consultant ( internaly ). Now the company is doing a split up / re shuffeling and I didnt know if I should start looking for a new job or sit tight.

A lot of new people arrived and was put into positions above me and was labeled lets say "Company A" It was my department.
I talked to one of the current managers and said that I think not being considered for a raise or a promotion is really dissapointing and I cant see myself working there for another 3 years having to prove myself all over again.

I was said to move to a "new company" but bassically the same one as where I was previously, and "new position" as "project manager"

I always wanted to be a Project Manager and I can really excell at it I'm sure.
But basically happened is that they wanted to hire a new person to help the current PM. THen when I said I'll help they said "Great then we dont have to hire anyone anymore" that made me feel great and full of energy to give my best.

But now whats happening is that I'm working for the same sallary but having to do both PM and Development and Support!! So I got more responsibilities but the same sal and no added benefits.

Should i be happy I got an opportunity to add PM to my skillset and maybe move to a different company later in my career
Or should I say something about being taken advantage off?

Any insight / experience / help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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by LiamE In reply to "New Position" "New Compa ...

They saw you coming.

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by slapdash In reply to Heh
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What do you want?

by jdmercha In reply to "New Position" "New Compa ...

This is really an individual decision. It depends a lot on your personality and desires, as well as your managements personality and desires.

From my perspective, no compmany is as loyal to me as I am to them. Thus I am always open to a better opportunity. The bottom line for me is quality of life. I don't really care what I do for work. Even when I start a new job I continue to look for a better one. By looking at what jobs are open, I see what skills I need to develop and work on those skills at my current position.

The only job I want is managing my own time and money. Work for me is a means to retirement. Whatever gets me closer to that goal is what I'll do. (Assuming it is legal, ethical, and improves my current quality of life.)

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Take the experience as a PM

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to "New Position" "New Compa ...

while you look for another position, loyalty obviously means nothing to your employer, so they don't deserve yours.
I can't tell you the exact response for complaining you've been taken advantage of but
it won't be.
Oh I'm sorry have some more money.

When you leave make sure they know why, very satisfying experience that.

If you are working for someone who only looks after number one, be number one.

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This could lead to new things

by jdclyde In reply to "New Position" "New Compa ...

This may give you the experience to move up or at least pad your resume.

If this is what you want to do, is it only a bigger pay check that is stopping you from doing it? Or do you only want it for the big check?

I have taken on a lot of responsiblities over the last six years and only got my normal raises. I have learned a lot and love what I do. I added things, not traded things I do. Of course if I spend time on the newer duties then I don't have as much time to do the old duties. As long as they don't expect you to do the same amount on the old job AND do the new one.

Good luck, and take the position. Many here aren't working at all, let alone complaining about the job changing on them. It is a good chance to learn.

But, keep that resume updated and ready.

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Bad Luck dude!!!

by Tekillaah In reply to This could lead to new th ...

First of all.. make a decision and stay with it. Its up to you. Prove them wrong ! Enjoy your work and ignore the issue. "Success is like joggling crystal balls and rubber balls , getting to it is knowing which is which. " Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can't always start where you want to be

by jdclyde In reply to Bad Luck dude!!!

So you have to work your way into them.

Lateral moves are great for getting into what you really want, after you get your foot in the door and prove yourself.

Remember, many companies want experience before they will hire into that position. How do you get experience to get the job?

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This is how you do it

by alameh In reply to "New Position" "New Compa ...

Volunteer for even more PM work and do a good job. You will then be able to make the case that you cannot do any more dev work since you are so busy doing PM work. Eventually you will migrate away. Ask your manager to help you with this. Timing is important, before you see the next dev project coming try and get the next PM job.

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Sometimes that's what it takes

by Oz_Media In reply to "New Position" "New Compa ...

The hands on knowledge is definitely to your benefit.

When the time comes that you feel you want to look around, on the side of course, you can say that you've been doing this role that you had taken on volountarily without a raise and now feel confident that you want to persue it as a career.

This shows MANY qualities to a potential employer.

Then again, perhaps the company will change once again and you will be promoted. What if you find that you actually HATE the job afterall? At least you got the experience.

Either way, if you are happy when you wake up and go off to work, if you enjoy the people around you, if you make a fair salary and can live with some sort of comfort, then you are well ahead of many who got such positions with the wrong company.

When you think of all the college grads with specific skillsets aimed at becoming project managers that can't find work, and there are LOTS of them, you are one up on a lot of people really.

I've always been that way, I will take on any tasks, whether related to my field or not, and just do them for experience. This has given me MANY opportunities when I seek work. :)

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by slapdash In reply to "New Position" "New Compa ...

Thanks guys you have all given me great advice and insight ( Except for liamE ) I feel better about my decision and I'll be going for the job getting experience but at the same time keep my options open. I will also try time jobs so that it becomes a fine art .

I have been thinking that In a sense it gives me much more weight as I will be responsible for more things i.e maybe I will be more needed whereas if I did only one thing I might get looked over?

Also the fact what Oz Media said. that it shows my willingness to work maybe more than what i've been able to accomplish before.
And when its time to make a move it will give me a bit of thought from a new employer.

Maybe I'm not going to like PM but I doubt it. Its in me to be a leader/helper/organizer. I feel I can really help my current fellow workers to feel better at what they do with my type of management style. They are all deppressed because they say no-one knows how to properly treat a developer etc. Its a long story in itself.
Maybe coming from a technical beackground will help me stand out because only 1 out of the other 4 PM's have any technical( IT ) experience and I've been / and still are going to help develop the projects as well.

That could also be difficult because now I have been "promoted", in what light will they ( my fellow employees ) see me now?

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