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New profile created

User logs into PC with same credentials and into same domain daily. Today user performs same login and windows creates a new profile for existing user. I have seen it create a username.domain profile and today it created a profile named TEMP. Had the user log off and on and it was back to the correct profile. Why is this happening? We have been on a Windows 2000 domain for the last 3 years and this just started happening in the last couple of months. Also has happened on both W2K and XP machines. Can someone help?

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by eduardo (PT) In reply to New profile created

If any configuration was changed, try to revert to the old configuration, to see if things return to normal.

If this doesn?t work, try to remove the profiles and create them again.

With the information you gave, I can?t see other possible solutions.

Good Luck.

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by Poettone In reply to New profile created

This is typically seen when your user cannot access the profile on a roaming profile.

I have yet to see it on a local profile, but one thing is for sure, if you do not have access to the profile you attempting to use, then you will (as long as you are granted a sid) be logged on with a temp profile, hence the user.temp.

Why when you logout and back on it goes back into the correct profile is a big ??? at this point.

Virus maybe? or something similar?

I would suggest when your in the correct user profile to save all needed files, my docs. favorittes, email etc, then logon as the local admin and **** the profile away, allowing a new one to be created at logon.

I wish you luck..

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I've had a similiar experience

by lguillow In reply to

This morning on of the users logged on and Windows created a username.domain.000 profile. I checked the permissions on the originial profile folder and everything looked fine. After reboots and logging in and out it was still loading the newer 000 profile. I went into the regedit and pointed the account to the original profile and everything was fine. I've scanned for viruses and malware and bots but nothing has come up. Not sure want to do beyond that and could not find an answer as to why a new profile was created. Microsoft's TechNet said that it was due to lack of permissions but that's not the case here.

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Same problem, my solution

by joente In reply to I've had a similiar exper ...

I had the same problem. The permissions of the user profile were allright and the profile could be accessed by the user, however the ownership of the folder folder on the network was set to an user and not the local administrators group of the server. Afther changing the ownership the problem was solved.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to New profile created

This occurs when there is an error in loading the users main profile , so it reverts to a temporary backup.

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Help please!

by siraxsira In reply to backup

Is there anyway I can get files back as I accidently moved all of my documents there under temp user and when my computer restarted again, all my important files are gone?? Please help.. Thank you so much!

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by dave_man69 In reply to Help please!

The same thing happened to me! A new temp account was created and being the genius I am I moved all the files frm my Admin-powered account (David) to the temporary account. When I logged in again the temporary account was gone along with all my files. I could sense the dark clouds gathering above me. Please help me, some of those files are of extreme importance. Ive been up all night trying to locate it but the only thing I seem to have been able to locate are unhealthy amounts of caffeine. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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Duplicate profile fix

by creg In reply to Help.

Try this fix, a simple registry change works for me.

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Duplicate profile Dilemma

by dmatthew In reply to Duplicate profile fix

I know what the fix for this is which is to go into the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList and deleted the weird .domain or temp profile name and put in orignal profile name. What I would like to find out is why this is happening and how to make it stop. Any ideas, anyone?

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