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    NEW Project Manager Difficulty


    by taybt ·


    I am just a new hire by a company as a IT Project Manager.

    Now there are 5 Project Managers who are under my supervisory. They have been with the company for at least 5 years.

    My question is now what kind of approach should I take as a new Project Manager who has been there just only a week? What kind of action plans should I take to sort of like getting along with them?

    Any suggestions or any website provide this kind of info?

    Please help.

    Thank you!

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      Deja Vu

      by lumberjack ·

      In reply to NEW Project Manager Difficulty

      i think I just answerred this in the Q and A forum!

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        Reply To: NEW Project Manager Difficulty

        by taybt ·

        In reply to Deja Vu

        so where is your answer in Q and A forum?


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      Curious as to how things are going…

      by jpindahaus ·

      In reply to NEW Project Manager Difficulty

      Hi, TayBT. I am curious as to how things are going for you since you begun your new supervisory position in the project management arena. Did you have any problems with any of your subordintate project managers? If so, how were you able to handle it? Before accepting this job, what was your managements goals for hiring you? Did they want you to be a Project Manager for Project Managers, or are they looking for more of a General Manager?

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      Establish rapport and good relationship

      by vince_clores ·

      In reply to NEW Project Manager Difficulty

      Probably, the best starting point is to establish rapport and good relationship with your subordinate. I think your company had already briefed you on things to do before you started your wonderfull and challenging first day. Next, you may call a meeting or a brainstorming session to determine what are the things to do and how to answer challenges that the project might bring. Try to project the possible delivirables and milestones on your IT project. After projecting the possible outcomes of some milestones (good or bad) you can then make a decision in advance as to whom on those under you will you delegate the task based on their skills and capabilities (remember they have 5 years of experience). Of course these are only some of the things that i know when it comes to working in new departments. Good IT Management books will surely help you. Try to secure as many as you can.

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