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New PSU, Linux Uninstalled,Win XP Boots, BUT....?

By fleztek ·
Thanks so much Oh Smeg and TobiF, for your very helpful advice and assistance. Congrats Col on rating No #9 of 100 in helping others - you deserve that.

Re Thread (http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-7343-0.html?forumID=101&threadID=334803&start=0)

The old Antec True Blue 380 watt PSU was not putting out anything on 5v and 3.3v circuitry, which explains a lot.

After fitting new 500 watt PSU,replacing the MBR and repairing XP Pro, my system is resurrected from the dead. Yes !!!

BUT....., When I re-install the 6 mth old ATI Radeon HD4770 Graphics Card, she dies again ! Take it out and she fires up again. The plot thickens.

Looks as if I now have to send Radeon Card back to ATI and see what they say.

If they do not replace it, I might have some recourse through Belkin, for their Lifetime Guarranteed Anti-Surge powerboard, if it was indeed a power surge that caused the fault ?

Doing the sums on Antec's Website PSU Power calculator, it looks like the 380w unit was not big enough, but local Techo assured me 500w was more than enough.

The real question for me, now, is could it be the Mboard capacitors are old and drawing more power than this? Or is the ATI card u/s ?

Interestingly, Linux Forum Launchpad NO practical help in any area, and they complain us Win users are all a bunch of
no-hopers ! No small wonder so few "new converts" are being won to the "Linux Evangelists."

Antec, after more than a week are still yet to reply to my queries on the PSU.

Tech Republic and you guys in particular really rock. Many thanks.

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New 500w PSU

by seanferd In reply to New PSU, Linux Uninstalle ...

What brand is it?

Do also realize that the number that they give you for power supplies (500w) is almost always the <i>peak</i> draw it will cover. Find out what the normal operational wattage is. It may not be enough.

Try the ATI card in another machine.

Look at the m'board capacitors. Are they bulging, leaking... They shouldn't draw increased current with age, though. They just generally go bad and fail, leaving you with a non-functioning m'board.

Not sure why a Linux forum would be of any particular use in diagnosing hardware failures. You'd likely get the same from a Windows forum. The issue is not with the OS.

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by willcomp In reply to New PSU, Linux Uninstalle ...

What PSU did you install? What are amps on +12V rail(s)?

Some cheap 500 watt PSUs have too little power on the critical +12V rails. Should be around 35 amps for a moderate quality PSU and high quality 500 watt PSUs will have over 40 amps on the +12V rails.

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by Jaqui In reply to New PSU, Linux Uninstalle ...

no question tagged here for Linux by you.
not one that doesn't talk about some WINDOWS issue.
no Linux issue detailed.

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Ummmm - original Post was Linux/XP Dual Boot !

by fleztek In reply to interesting

Sorry Jaqui,
original Post was regarding Ubuntu/Linux Dual Boot problems when issue of PSU arose.

Machine went dead after installing ndiswrapper for USB modem connxn, and ot being Linux savvy, or very hardware savvy I posted the topic not knowing if it was a Linux or XP problem. Never suspected hardware issue.

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Here it all depends on which PS you have fitted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to New PSU, Linux Uninstalle ...

Also when you plug in the Video Card do you plug in the Power Plug from the Power Supply?

If you are plugging in the Power Supply does the Fan on the Video Card spin?

Generally speaking however a Antec 380W PS is the equivalent to a 500 or bigger No Name PS as the Antec PS's are rated to 100% Usage at their stated wattages where as the others are rated to a Peek Load of a very small % of the Up Time that they run, then they have to cut back to prevent any damage.

The Video Card draws much more power than the M'Board can supply through the Circuit Track on it so you have to plug the Video Card into the Power Connector that fits it from the Power Supply or the Adapter that comes with the Video Card.

Also you need to plug in the 4, 6 or 8 Pin Supplementary Power Adapter to the M'Board as well as the 20 or 24 Pin ATX Plug. To supply the correct wattages to the M'Board.

If the fan is not spinning on the Video Card then either the Fan Motor has failed, The blades are blocked stopping them from spinning or there isn't enough power coming through to run the fan. You need to find out what is happening before you proceed any further. So if you can not freely turn the Fan look to see if there is anything stuck in it preventing it from turning and if so remove it or just return the Video Card for Replacement.

As for the Antec PS instead of contacting Antec Direct you should return it to the place where you bought the PS or Computer from for any Warranty claims if it's under 12 months old.


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Thanks to All - Tried Card in 2 Other PC's - NO GO

by fleztek In reply to Here it all depends on wh ...

Thanks guys,

Tried Card in 2 other PC's - still nothing!

Even took it to local Tech Shop - no good. Completely DEAD. Sent back to ATI - have Authorisation Form from them, so hoping to hear back soon.

Card fan spinning, no problems there.

The new PSU is AyWun 500 watt, so probably not the best like Antec. All I could get locally here.

WinXP now running, but extremely SLOW, and Boot Screen still shows DDR2 800 RAM ONE channel, instead of DUAL - Maybe I re-installed in wrong sequence? Or might it be faulty RAM?

Col - at one point you mentioned this problem, and I thought I took particular note of your advice. Still learning LOL !

Been looking for that post, unable to find it.

All RAM matches in Specs ie DDR2 800 Dual Channel

Ta very muchly


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If they are not the same size, or come from

by seanferd In reply to Thanks to All - Tried Car ...

different manufacturers, or even separate production runs of the same part number from the same manufacturer, the DIMMs may not work together at the highest speed and 2 channels.

It probably does also matter which slot has the highest capacity DIMM in it as well, but you may still not get 2 channels.

But check the RAM settings in BIOS to see if they just have not autodetected properly.

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If I am reading this properly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks to All - Tried Car ...

You are using 3 X 1 GIG RAM Modules in Slots 1,2 & 3.

If that's correct you can not run in Dual Chanel Mode as you have an odd number of Modules. To have the unit run in Dual Chanel Mode you need 2 Lots of 2 Modules so you need an Even Number.

If you have a Triple Chanel RAM M'Board the above Configuration will work but it can not work in Dual Chanel Mode.


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RAM & Channels

by fleztek In reply to If I am reading this prop ...

Thanks so much guys.

1)I have 4 RAM slots - 2 Blue, 2 black, if that means anything ? 2 Blue are closest CPU and stand a little higher than the 2 black, if that means anything ?

2)The system was running a 2 Gb Amicroe in the Blu Slot nearest CPU (slot 1? ).

3)Also running 2 of new 1 Gb in next 2 slots (1 in blue (slot 2? ) and other in first black slot (slot 3? ).

4)The 2 Gb Ram is Amicroe DDR2 800 DIMM, about 2 yo. The 2 of single Corsair 1 Gb sticks are DDR2 800, 3 mths old.

5)Previous to PSU & ATI Video Card failing, they were all running happily together and Dual Channel.

6)I have just removed the older 2Gb stick and put the 2 new Corsair 1 Gb sticks in the Blue slots ( 1 & 2 ?). Now have Dual Channel
DDR2 800. Spot on !

7) Then put 2 Gb older stick in first Black slot ( 3? ). Boot Screen tells me I now have DDR 667 Mhz SINGLE CHANNEL despite 2 Gb Amicroe being clearly marked DDR2 800 ???

Looks as if I need to replace this 2 gb stick with 2 of single 1 Gb Corsair sticks,
to match existing 2 Corsiar 1 Gb sticks ?

Will wait for your reply, before spending the money on new RAM, not that I mind doing so. Thanks again for your patience with me.

I am determined to see this through and will not give up. Good "Learning Experience," as they say. LOL

AMD X2 5000+, 4 Gb RAM, Win XP Pro 32 bit, 500 watt Aywun PS, Nvidia 6150 o/board Graphics (until new ATI HD 4770 arrives !)

"Easier chasing ateam, oil & water thru pipes than chasing electrons through circuits!"

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That's right!

by TobiF In reply to RAM & Channels

It should be possible to have one type of cards in the blue bank and another spec in the black bank.
But with different card types, the system as a whole will settle for the lowest common denominator.
Therefore, it's good to have same type of card in all four positions. This will also give you more flexibility, should one of the memory modules fail sometime in the future.

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