new PSU...Now a Noisy Monitor...

By Dave Gregson ·
I have a PB 1508/n. Just recently bought 4gig of ram , installed that no probs... Got myself a PCIe Nvidia card 7000 series. And everything runs ok.

After reading the instructions for the graphics card it said that the PSU should be at least 300watts. So with this in mind i got a new PSU...

Installed that which wasn't too bad.. Had to remove 2 stcks of ram to get the cable for the board in nicely, but then replaced them.

Now this is where all my troule begins..... :cry:

It seams that when the CPU is running at 100% there is a loud noise coming from the monitor, (A Constant high pitched tone) Even with the sound cable UNPLUGGED the noise is coming out of the speakers on the monitor. When the CPU drops to 99% or lower the noise stops.

As you can image when the computer is turned on the noise is on for a while until the computer settles down.

This will be the second power suplly that i've tried... What could be causing this? :

Any help would be nice... Cheers Dave :)

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OK - I give up . . .PB 1508/n ?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to new PSU...Now a Noisy Mon ...

Google doesn't know what a PB 1508/n is either!

Apart from the TWO entries for TechRepublic and ExtremeTech - BOTH posted by you.

So what is a PB 1508/n ?

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That makes sense because , , ,

by OldER Mycroft In reply to If you take out the slash

He wouldn't be posting repeatedly on TR unless he was in the sh!t !!!

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Yeah, that's true

by Jester James In reply to That makes sense because ...

cause all the Google responses come back as his posts in a brazillion forums, including packard bells....

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It appears that he has a

by w2ktechman In reply to If you take out the slash

Packard Bell system (PB) but I could not find any reference for the 1508 or 1508n on their site. However, there is a user group that takes support questions from them

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I think he's using 'PB' due to embarrassment . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to If you take out the slash

I spotted a reference a couple of days ago:

It appears to be an iMage model of a Media Centre chassis

He probably got embarrassed and didn't want to use 'Packard Bell' on a public forum.

Mind you, all joking aside, I reckon he's pushed this particular 'puter a bit TOO FAR, based on the spec I saw. That would explain the monitor noise.

But if he won't respond to any questions AND continues to cut&paste the same question, how the **** does he expect to get an answer?

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ok so i have a "Packard Bell"

by Dave Gregson In reply to I think he's using 'PB' d ...

Everybody has to start from somewhere..right?
Sorry i did'nt answer but i never got an email to say i had a response. (Forgot to tick notify) Trust me.. i would have answered almost straight away.. I also had to contact TR as my account didn't validate.. I saw my post when i first signed up then it was gone.. I am thinking of upgrading the motherboard soon but just wanted something a bit better to fall back on if i made a co*kup of building one. If there is any more info that you require of me i will check back everyday, twice a day if need be...
Thanks guys

Dave :)

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OK..... so.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to ok so i have a "Packard B ...

Please be more specific about your system. Tell us the specs please..............

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by Dave Gregson In reply to OK..... so.........

PackardBell 1508
4gb sdram DDR400
Sunshine Motherboard made by Gigabyte (GA-8I915PM) **5 Chipset, Bios 2.0u
Intel 3.06mhz (Model 519, Prescott, Front bus speed 533,cache 1mb)
Geforce 7600GS (512mb)
2 x DVD RW (d, e)
3 x HDD (1 x 130gb SATA(c) 1 x 300gb IDE(g) 1 x 400gb IDE (f)
4 USB hub (Self Powered)
Hewlett Packard Printer (PCS 2179)
Philips 190X5
Windows Ultimate (32bit)
250watt PSU
No modem (Just wireless Netgear Adapter) USB))

If there is anything that you need please let me know..

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PSU, Why?

by rickrbyrne In reply to OK..... so.........


From what I have been reading, I don't think this has anything to do with the PSU at all, to me all this sounds like is interfernce coming in from the speakers. What time of Monitor do you have connected to this system. Also did you try and hook up another monitor and different speakers, to see if you were getting the same problem?? Many its a bad monitor or speakers. Now all the same you should be running a PSU higher than 250 anyways, you want at least a 400 with what you are running and to be on the safe side. Don't want all your nice new parts to slowly fry do to a cheap PSU. But really i think this is more of an issue with the monitor or speakers, not the system its self. The monitor is not even really running off the psu and we know the speakers aren't this isn't the old AT days haha.

Thanks Rick

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