New Ram now XP wont work

By Jamin724 ·
Hi I am not a computer person at all but basiclly what happend is i installed some new ram on my computer. I have a dell Dimesion 3000 and i went to a website and the max they said i can have is 1 GB in each slot with 184 pin. I got the new ram today and installed it I turned it on and it said "new memory found" and i hit F1 to skip. Then windows XP came up and said it was going to scan disk and hti any key to stop. I hit a key and it didnt stop so i turned off the computer and turn it on. Now it will not even load XP it comes up with a blue screen saying there is a problem. I cant start in safe mode either it loads some files then same screen pops up. I tried with the old memory and still the same thing. I am now running a scan I dk what its called but at the start up I hit F12 option 7 then it came up with a bunch of utility tests. I clicked the one thay says "Cannont Run OS system". lol this is a lot of info and i hope someone can help me out

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It sounds like

by The Scummy One In reply to New Ram now XP wont work

maybe some static damage was done, and the HDD is either not being read properly, or it is damaged.
Run the disk check and see if everything can be recovered properly.

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Reinstall the new memory

by Jacky Howe In reply to New Ram now XP wont work

1.Turn on (or restart) your computer to enter System Setup.

2.When the blue DELL? logo appears, press < F2 > immediately.

If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft? Windows? desktop. Then shut down your computer and try again.

Let it detect the new memory and save the settings and exit.

Follow the Scummys Ones advice and run chkdsk /r

Dell? Dimension? 3000 Systems Service Manual


Let us know if you need more help.

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Generic memory

by jgirizarry In reply to New Ram now XP wont work

Probably you have a bad memory module or the brand you got is not compatible with your Dell. Put the old memory back and remove all the new modules, use the last known configuration option in the Windows startup option (restart and tap F8 rapidly until you see the screen). This option doesn't work all the time but it is worth the try. Post your results for more help.

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Check out this TechRepublic Link

by Datacommguy In reply to New Ram now XP wont work
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When you add or change RAM in a computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to New Ram now XP wont work

You need to open the BIOS and make sure that the correct amount is being shown in the BIOS and then Save the Changes when you exit BIOS.

If you do not do this the System attempts to Map the Old Ram Size tot he New Ram and causes all sorts of problems. Your lucky if the OS will not open as when it does it will crash out at random and drive you crazy.

What you need to do here is remove the RAM and reseat it then power on and press the F2 Key. When the BIOS Opens go to the first screen and check the Actual Installed RAM and then using the Arrow Keys move the Highlighted Tab to the Exit Tab and press Enter> When you are prompted to Save Changes as you exit BIOS press the Enter Key again to save the changes and hopefully provided you haven't done anything tot he Installed Software the system should now start.


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