New ram - strange hardware issues and BSOD in vista

By kebakent ·
I recently installed 4GB (2*2GB) of Kingston Valueram in my system. My Motherboard is a MSI K9VGM-V, and I am running Dual-boot with Vista and XP.
Since then I have had strange issues. Vista will reboot after 2 min every time I boot it, and neither will detect my onboard soundcard. I can succesfully run XP without sound.
I used to only have 1 GB ram and everything worked fine.
Also, I have troed to install a flobbydrive in order to test my new ram with memtest34, But I can't get it to work. Dunno if that is related.

I can only see 3 GB of ram, but I believe the last 1 GB is reserved for System use or something like that. I am okay with that, but would like to find out how to fix vista.

I was thinking along the lines of flashing my bios, or maybe I should adjust something in the bios to account for the new ram.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue?


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But what DID the BSOD actually tell you ??...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to New ram - strange hardwar ...

Therein might lie the answer!

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Still shootin'em down

by ComputerCookie In reply to But what DID the BSOD act ...

I was thinking of starting a discussion about curt replies!
Just completed one!Felt maybe I could have worded it better!

WoW is beyond me; 8 minutes,5 crashes,no points?


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Head-On attacks will nearly always fail ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Still shootin'em down

Well, the BSOD in Vista usually indicates a minor system error - it's the RED screen of death that is the dodgy one.

If the OP is going to mention a BSOD he could at least tell us what it says.


8 mins - 5 crashes - no points?

Are you flying with a joystick or with the mouse or with the cursor keys?

Biplanes are inherently unstable when hit with head-on machine gun fire :: propeller damage being your worst nightmare!

Try flying on a tangential approach, causing the enemy to turn towards you, THEN suddenly turn in the opposite direction - YOU then have the chance to strafe THEM while they are busy correcting their line of flight.

Also, reduce the number of bots to one. You'll never learn if you are facing 2 0r 3 enemy planes.

Sqn Ldr OldMycroft.

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BSOD what is it?

by ComputerCookie In reply to Head-On attacks will near ...

I can't remember when I last saw a BSOD I've never seen one in vista: ran BETA, Canditate 1, or Business.

Rarely seen one in XP, cheap or incompatible hardware!

Message received loud and clear Sir, over and out.

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No info on BSOD, but will recreate and find out

by kebakent In reply to Head-On attacks will near ...

I did not receave an actual BSOD, vista just rebooted. When I started vista again, it reported a serious error, called bluesreen, which I could choose to report.
But I will recreate the error and then I will find out if there is any info beneath. Will post it shortly.

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vista error

by kebakent In reply to No info on BSOD, but will ...

This a screenshot og the error
It is in danish, but most should be understandable.

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Re: New ram

Under Windows Vista you can only have 3gb of memory, because the full 4gb of memory will make vista re-boot it's self because vista takes nearly all of the memory and tries to double it, and since Vista can only go upto 4gb (4x2= the extra memory will take it over the edge. You will have to purchase Vista 64bit version to get the full advantage of adding more memory. I had the same error (re-boots) on the Vista platform, took out 1gb of memory and everything went back to normal and stable. Your motherboard will state that it will take upto 4gb or more of memory of which is all well and good, but the only os's (operating systems) that tend to make full use of the maximum memory are Vista 64bit, Linux (Ubuntu). So flashing your bois will do little or nothing. Just take out 1gb of ram and your system will be more stable.
Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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