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I recently purchased a new SAN from Dell EqualLogic and I am quite pleased with the results so far. The first phase was moving our VMware ESX servers to the new SAN. Just so you know, our old SAN is (soon to be was) a HP MSA 1000.

In the process of moving the VMware to the new SAN we went ahead and upgraded to 3.5. I do like the built in patch management. There is a known bug with DRS and here's the workaraound
Our VM's all fly on this new SAN. This also helped our poor file and print server connected to the MSA by reducing the IOPS.

The next phase was to build a new Exchange server in ESX and move all the mailboxes over. The old Dell PowerEdge 2500 (yea, I know it is very old but budgets ruled) with Exchange 2003 just could not cut it any more. The new email server in a VM flies compared to the Dell. The old Exchange server was also a Domain Controller (we started out very small with 2 servers). Let me just say it was a challenge to get everything properly migrated (DC rolls) off of this server. I now have two Domain controllers in ESX (I have a rule setup to prevent them from ever being on the same host).

The next phase is to get the file & print server moved to a new VM. The data migration will be complated because we are using a program called DiskXtender that moved data to another SAN and leaves a pointer on the main server. I hope to start this phase this Friday.

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