New scsi drives not seen during Win2k3 Server install

By mzanczewski ·
We have a IBM x346 server that had two scsi 36gb drives, that were mirrored. I removed both of those drives and installed two new 73gb scsi drives. If I go into the scsi utility during post (Ctrl+A), it sees both drives. When I boot off the win2k3 install cd, and press enter to install windows it says that it did not detect any drives. What step am I missing, do I need to boot off a floppy and install some drivers first? I just want to install a fresh copy of windows on the new drives then mirror them.

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Yes you will need to have the drivers on the floppy..

Then when ask for load on the drivers When you see the "F6" sign when Windows loads up.

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I made a floppy of the drivers for the raid.....

by mzanczewski In reply to Yes you will need to have ...

I found the serve raid support cd, and made a floppy of the servraid device drivers. I then rebooted and choose F6, put in the floppy and it found the controller, and continued, and then it gets to the press any key to install windows. Next I still get the windows cannot detect any drives message. Am I still missing a step?

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Use the other IBM disk.

by bart777 In reply to I made a floppy of the dr ...

You want to install using the ServerGuide disk.

Boot from this disk and it will walk you through the process and add all of the required drivers for install. You won't need the floppy this way either. It will have you configure the RAID and enter all of the pertinent info then ask for the Windows disk and go to town.

If you don't have one just go out to IBMs site and download the latest version for that model.

Thsi is how we install all of our IBM servers here. Dell and HP also have their own version.

If you have problems this way let us know and we'll try to give you some other ways to get the job done.

Best of luck.

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Thanks for that bart777.

I do not have a IBM so that means i was missing something for once. :) :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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We can't know it all. :)

by bart777 In reply to Thanks for that bart777.

No way we can know everything Peconet. That's why we all back each other up here.

And just for your future bag of tricks there is a program out there called nlite ( that has a free program you can use to bundle those drivers on an ISO image with the OS for those pesky servers that don't even have floppies.

Have a great weekend.

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I will make/keep a note of that ..Thanks for that :) :)

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Downloading it now

by mzanczewski In reply to Use the other IBM disk.

Thanks, I let you know how I make out!

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The server guide worked great!

by mzanczewski In reply to Downloading it now

Thanks again guys, the server guide loaded all the necessary drivers, then prompted for the windows serve cd, and then did a unattended windows install.

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