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By brian ·
I am setting up a new server and using it to replace an old server. Both are Windows server 2k3. I would bring the new server up and the PCD down but there is a lawsuit and I can not touch the old server, the only thing I can do is pull the power and NIC. How would I go about getting all of the user computers that are connected to the old domain to the new domain with out losing their user profiles? Thanks for any help you can give....

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by julian.bennett In reply to New Server Old Domain

when you say user profiles, do you mean their local profiles i.e. the profiles stored on their individual pc's? There's a tool called moveuser, which is part of the windows resource kit... it's a fantastic little took which will do the trick in this scenario...

you can download it from microsoft if you can't locate a resource kit (which is available on the web anyway! doh!)

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by brian In reply to clarify...

I was unable to get move user to work. Thanks for the help though. What I am going to do is use the Win XP file and setting transfer wizard. It is going to take a while but it will work and it means lots of over time....

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