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New server room equipment advice needed

By oldbag ·
Congratulate me, I am getting a brand new server room in a brand new building. I am currently getting the room layout together and working with vendors on designing the racking system.

My preference are standard h-racks which will be bolted to the floor with cable management systems. The contractor who has been hired for the cabling can provide these, installed. The problem is that I am getting a new application server from a supplier that we MUST purchase from. This supplier is pushing their own 24U rack which uses more floor space. They are insisting that this a better system because it has locking doors and is on wheels.

This new computer room will be access controlled so the locking doors are not necessary. As a matter of fact, they would probably be removed. In reality, I feel that this cabinet is old-fashioned and has no place in this new room.

So what do you think of my options?

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I would push back

by JamesRL In reply to New server room equipment ...

There is no reason the supplier can't source you a standard H rack.

I know we sell both. Its a preference thing as to which someone wants, we usually do a pre-site inspection and make a suggestion based on the layout.


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Cabling contractor will be providing H-racks

by oldbag In reply to I would push back

While not yet a done deal, the cabling contractor has provided for the racking system and will assist in the layout. The problem is that the supplier of the server is pushing this cabinet. Their server is only part of the picture. I have other equipment that will also need racks.

James, I have noticed in other posts that you are familiar with automobile dealership systems. The server in question is a new Reynolds & Reynolds DMS.

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I think I guessed that

by JamesRL In reply to Cabling contractor will b ...

Private message me....


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Take what's behind door #2

by emoraws In reply to New server room equipment ...

I do not know the layout or floorspace of your new server room. I will tell you that in my many years in the business the enclosures are better because it stops someone from accidently bumping into your hardware. This is more convenient than you will ever know. I know the H racks are cheaper but the enclosures keep alot of dust out as well.

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My new room will be climate and access controlled

by oldbag In reply to Take what's behind door # ...

This room will not be accessable to anyone who does not have a reason to enter. Also, it is a closed room with A/C so I don't think dust will be a problem.

My difficulty with this enclosure is that it takes up a fair bit of floor space. Also, this is not the only equipment that is in the room. This only one server from one supplier. All other equipment is going to be rack-mountable. Basically, this enclosure will throw off the entire layout.

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Stick to your guns

by mjd420nova In reply to My new room will be clima ...

You wouldn't be happy unless it is the way you want it, so don't compromise. Locking doors aren't needed, and in a climate controlled room, neither is the cabinet. Consistancy is what makes it neater, and will make it much simpler in the future for any expansions.

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....Then keep the consistancy

by emoraws In reply to Stick to your guns

If your room isn't that big then get the H Racks.
It is different in my case because we have 20 racks and 79 servers which includes a SAN. I also have sales manager give our future customers a walk through the server room. The cabenits are not locked- just closed. It just prevents accidents from happening.

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Compared to yours, my room is much smaller

by oldbag In reply to ....Then keep the consist ...

It looks like my room with have 3-4 racks with about 10 servers. Also, we are not in the business of selling computer equipment so there will be no tours of potential customers. This will be a locked room and the only access allowed will be for maitenance of the systems.

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