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    New Server With Multiple Roles


    by sometechguy ·

    I have a new server that Ive been trying to configure as an all in one. This is just home use so its not critical. Right now I have a number of roles and I can verify that DNS works, AD works etc however I have the following problem. I have DHCP Authorized and available but when I plug Client system into the nics on the server they dont get the DHCP assigned, just the standard 169 junk.

    The server has the power to run all this but maybe the operator isnt doing something right. I have 2xQuad VT Nics and I want system to plug directly into the server. Again no DHCP information is being attached.

    Any ideas?

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      by jaqui ·

      In reply to New Server With Multiple Roles

      you are running a new server, what OS?
      with every tag used it makes getting those that know the answer impossible to find it.

      try only tagging for the os in question, since if you are using windows linux is not relevant at all and visa versa.

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        I believe he’s using some flavor of Windows Server

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to huh

        Since he says ‘AD’ is working. Active Directory is Windows’ directory services tool. I don’t know why anyone would run it in a home environment; maybe if they were studying for MS certification. Otherwise for a home environment it’s just overhead.

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