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    New Server


    by hanekwj ·

    The small company that i work for at present has just purchased a new server. The current server is running Windows server 2000 and they do not want to upgrade the software yet.

    Is making a ghost image of the current machine the best option as the is no migration to a new version of Windows server?

    If there are better ideas to minimize downtime it would be great to find out.


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      by hanekwj ·

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      With any Windows Product you need to Install it

      by oh smeg ·

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      If you use a Cloned Image between different Hardware the OS is unlikely to load as the required Drivers and so forth are not present.

      If you have to do things this way you’ll need to Clone the HDD fit it to the new server and then do a In Place Install by following the directions here

      While the directions are supposed to be for XP I’m pretty sure that they’ll work with W2K though you’ll need to reapply any Service Packs and so on that where available after the Install Disc was made.

      But the ideal way is to Migrate the system over to the new server. While there may be no different OS’s involved you are still Migrating from the Old Server to the New and you need to bring all of the settings and so on over as you demote the Old Server.


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