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New service IT company

By Quick\help ·
I'm Starting a new services and consultin firm named ":Quick\Help". I want it to offer all the services and benefits of an IT department but for Small and Medium Business. I would like everyone here at Techrepublic to tell me what do i need to have to reach this goal. Right now i'm starting and offer networks instalation, hardware and software instalation/configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Looking for advertising or offering jobs?

by dfirefire In reply to New service IT company

Seems to me that you are using this medium for some free advertising, or are you offering us a job?
Some advice:
1. Get your English straight! The text above shows grammar glitches. Will your service have errors too?
2. Keep the name simple. Most people will forget the initial colon.
3. Give us an idea where you want this business to happen? Is it located in Silicon Valley or in the African desert?
4. Like the rest of us: offer good service for low prices.

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Competitive Information & Business Planning

by Matthew Yurksaitis In reply to New service IT company

Your goal of your own consulting firm is laudable and is a significant endeavor.

First and foremost I agree with the other respondent that you should choose a simple and catchy business name if possible. Also you should always strive to present a professional image in every effort you undertake, even in posting to discussion boards etc.. Therefore you should take time before your post to check spelling etc.. to help ensure you present this image.

Next, and just as important, You should understand the business demographics in your geographical region. Demographics such as competition, possible partnerships with existing businesses, small to medium businesses in your area, along with the market demand for what you are planning to offer to customers. This will help you get a picture of what you are up against, and what you will need to do and what products & services would be the best and most profitable for you to provide as your initial offerings.

Third - Develop a business plan as this will help you lead and manage your business according to your strategic business plans as well as help you gain business financing when you need it.

Fourth - Join and get involved with Business associations in your area such as the Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Association etc.. this will help you get an understanding of the business climate in your area as well as give you the opportunity to network with other business professionals. Personal & word of mouth advertising and promotion remains the best form.

There are many more areas to cover as your request for help covers a broad area, but these are some of the key items considered fundamentals for a successful business venture.

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First impression

by statykserver In reply to New service IT company

If you decide to do your own advertising then make sure to use a spell check. If people see your advertisement with misspelled words in it they might think your service will be sloppy and not up to standards. Since their first impression of your company will more than likely be an advertisement I thought it would be a good point to bring to your attention. After doing a few installations I'm sure some word of mouth advertising will help you out as well. Good luck!!

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by Uglycelt In reply to New service IT company

Good People.
Good luck with it

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What do you have that is unique

by ideallypc In reply to New service IT company

Welcome to the club! I've been at this for a couple years - and I still am not yet earning 50% of my previous income. Be prepared for the rough times. I'm a CPA and an MCP. I thought that combination would be the ticket to an endless stream of business; not yet! A difficulty I have is getting my unique skills known to potential clients who need them. One thing that helps is testimonials from existing/former customers. Another is to develop a clean, crisp marketing plan that differentiates you, your services, fees, location, etc. so that possible customers become real ones because you are the best choice to meet their needs.

All my best!

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