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New slave HD, but monitor no signal

By jwangy84 ·
Today I just bought a new 300gb internal HD for my computer. After hooking everything up and setting it as my slave, everything boots regularly and turns on but my monitor shows no signal. I then hook everything back to normal as it was before but still the same thing. I've also tried another monitor just incase but the same thing keeps happening. I am truly stumped. Is something wrong with the HD's?

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by josh In reply to New slave HD, but monitor ...

After hooking up that second hard drive you could have/be drawing to much power from the PSU, try booting with another higher wattage PSU, also ensure that your video card is fully seated and has power hooked to it (if necessary)...if still no post, try booting with another video card...

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by 3xp3rt In reply to New slave HD, but monitor ...

Is no problem with your HDD. The problem is your video card or monitor video cable connection.
If your monitor is connected to your computer and the cable is plugged right, after power off, push firmly the video card in his slot. Probably when you installed the new HDD, you moved accidentally the video card and no 100% contact there.

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by OTL In reply to New slave HD, but monitor ...

If PC appears to boot up normally (no strange beeps) would appear to be the cable to the monitor or video card output.

May want to check the cable from the monitor to the PC (fully plugged in and screwed down). You had to move the PC to install the HD, cable could have pulled loose. Some monitors have connectors for the cable on the back of them, if so make sure it is seated / screwed down also. OOPS, see you tried a different monitor, appears next answer is what you truly need.

Of course you could have been visited by Murphy's Law, first law - Anything that can go wrong will ! Output from the video card failed when you opened the case. If you have a spare card you could try it, if it works will need to download the updated drivers for it or buy a new video card.

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