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By elawton ·
Recently moved 5 WIN2K clients to a different subnet from where they were originaly. After the move, several shares in the network neighborhood show network path not found when trying to open them. They can ping the servers where the folders exist.

What Have I forgotten ??

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by dwdino In reply to New Subnet

Well, this most likely is an infrastructure question. You have not given us much to work with, but here goes...

From the statement that the clients can ping the server from the new subnet we know that routing is working correctly (client sends ping request, host sends reply).

My first question would be, what is between these subnets? Router, Layer3 switch, firewall?

Without more info, I would assume there is a filter of some sort occuring, be it firewall or router, that is not passing the port 135 traffic.

Also, recheck IP settings on clients. (eliminating possibilities).

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by jschein In reply to New Subnet

ok... and they're on the proper gateway and have the right DNS / WINS settings?

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by elawton In reply to New Subnet

Thanks for the replys: There is 1 router between the server and workstations , no filters . We use DHCP with Autoconfigure DNS. These Folders are in Domain A ; where as the 5 workstations are Domain B. There are 3 other workstations in Domain A which were moved recently with no issues.

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by Chris910 In reply to New Subnet

You indicated that you switched domains, have you tried mapping directly to the IP address instead of the name and then you will need to authenticate .

It seems to me that if you are mapping drives across a domain the syntax would be \\\share !!!!!!!!!!

Here I looked up the syntax:

net use [{DeviceName | *}] [\\ComputerName\ShareName[\volume]] [{Password | *}]] [/user:[DomainName\]UserName] [/user:[DottedDomainName\]UserName] [/user: [UserName@DottedDomainName] [/savecred] [/smartcard] [{/delete | /persistent:{yes | no}}]

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