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New system keeps rebooting

By Shanghai Sam ·
I am having a problem with my system rebooting all the time,I can't even get the new drivers installed. I have a Gigabyte GA-7IXE M/B,AMD Thunderbird Slot A 850cpu,128mb pc133 and a aluminum case by Skyhawk. The first time I can usually boot to windows and start detecting new hardware then it start rebooting. Each time it reboots quicker and quicker to the point it reboots before it has finished post. Any help would be appreciated.

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New system keeps rebooting

by Welli In reply to New system keeps rebootin ...

I too had a problem like this with my pc,but it was made ok by checking the memory of the system.Here are few tips to go through.
Firstly: check the RAM,whether its inserted properly in its slot.
Secondly: checkout the input voltage supply for thesystem.
Thirdly: verify whether the jumper settings in the mother-board is configured suitable for ur system configuration.
Hope theses tips will b useful.

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New system keeps rebooting

by TheChas In reply to New system keeps rebootin ...

Neither Giga-Bytes web site, or the manual for the 7IXE specifically state that the board supports the Thunderbird processor.

Before I spent too much time elswhere, I would try to find a "Classic" Slot A processor, and try it.

Alternately, make sure that the BIOS is the latest revision. However, if you cannot get it to boot stabily, you cannot flash the BIOS!

Not all Slot A motherboards actually support the "Thunderbird" series of Slot A processors.
If you look through the postings at the over-clocking and tweaking sites, you will find that lots of users have had problems with Slot A Thunderbird CPUs.
One common work-around, is to manually set the core voltage a step or 2 higher.

Also, the AMD chipset on this board does not support a 133MHz clock frequency for the RAM. Some of the newest "quad density" sdram modules may not work with in this board. Back when ram first dropped to the cheap prices, many of the vendors were cautioning users to verify that their MB supported the ram.

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New system keeps rebooting

by mdelyea In reply to New system keeps rebootin ...

Also try a new heftier CPU cooler. The fact that it reboots sooner indicates an overheating problem.

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