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    New Techie


    by honesty ·


    I just signed up today. My work has just employed a new tech team which I’m part of. They’re going to pay for me to do an MCSA.

    As I’m new to all of this I don’t want to go over old ground. Can I search these discussion boards ? And where is the best place to learn about MCSA? Are their online tutorialsand or a study plan?

    Thanks in advance


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      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to New Techie

      The best place to start (in my mind) is the Microsoft Training and Certification website:

      (remove any embedded spaces from the URL)

      This website will give you the requirements for the certification (which tests you need to pass) as well as some training resources.

      There are numerous books available on the market that deal with the MCSA certification (both as a whole as well as covering individual subjects). There are also courses available from numerous educational institutions.

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        Another good start

        by professional_pcs ·

        In reply to MCSA

        If you are really new you might want to start by getting your A+ and Network+ they do count towards you MCSA training

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          yeah, but…

          by ghstinshll ·

          In reply to Another good start

          If his work is going to pay for the MCSA, he doesn’t have tim to piddle with the +’s… If you’re very experienced with Windows 2000 and active directory, then the Exam Cram books by Coriolis are great. Purchase those and transcender self-test software and you ought to be able to pass them, 1 month at a time.

          If not, see about going to class at an ATEC facility (see the URL Tim Walsh gave you), or a CTEC facility. I sure hope your work is going to giv eyou a lot of time to do all this.

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      cert books

      by joshua1 ·

      In reply to New Techie

      I’ve found Sybex books to be helpful.

      Just hit the books and definately use some practice tests: Sybex comes w/ tests, Transcender is very thorough, and online tests are free (but sometimes contain incorrect or over-simplified material).

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