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New to Databases

By forlarren79 ·
Ok I?m a newbie to databases. Please assume I know noting.
I am starting a new project and want to create a web page that is dynamically created using a database. The host I am planning to use has support for MySQL so that is what I am planning to use.

What I am looking for is a maybe a tutorial on creating a simple DB and how to link it to my web page?

Also there are a lot of catchphrases like SQL, ASP, XML etc? What should I specifically need to know to create a simple DB backend for my webpage?

Any suggestions for books that cover this subject?

Thank you for your time.

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New to Databases

by Geof Harries In reply to New to Databases

If your host is supporting MySQL, that would usually mean that they are also providing support for PHP. The best way to learn is through Kevin Yank's excellent book, "Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL", found at

Learning any new language can be daunting. Don't worry about the catchphrases like .net, xml, j2ee, etc. That stuff is all way too advanced for where you are at this point. You're making a good decision by learningindustry standard languages like PHP. You can then later transfer some of this knowledge if you choose to learn ASP.NET, ASP, JSP or otherwise. I prefer ColdFusion and JSP myself, but we all have to start somewhere right?

Learn the basics of how to design, build and query a database, and then show or edit the results of that query via your website. I feel this is the best book available for the type of project you wish to take on.

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database on mac

by joeallister In reply to New to Databases

does this book also cover setting up a
database on a mac?
is there any difference in coding php on a mac
compared to PC?

also - can you use access with php or is it asp
only? (on mac)


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database on mac

by Geof Harries In reply to database on mac

The book I recommended is only for Windows users.

Luckily I am a mac guy though :)

There is no difference coding PHP on a Mac versus Windows. Besides the obvious, like the software you will choose to code in, all will look, act and work the same.

If you are planning to code, you can either use Simpletext (os 9, etc.) or Textedit (osx). I would though recommend downloading BBEdit Lite, which is the free little brother of a PHP-native text editor entitled BBEdit. You can download it here:

Also, if you are running OSX, your machine comes pre-installed with an Apache Web server. All you have to do (ok, well its not that easy, but I'll cut right to the chase) is install the PHP module to set up your own development environment right on your own computer. That way you can create and edit php files dirctly on your own system without having to upload them to a remote server.

BUT, if you have a PHP server all set up for yourselfand you're paying for hosting, etc. use their server instead. That way you can just learn how to code, and not worry about figuring out how Apache works.

You can use Microsoft Access with PHP, ASP and a whole host of languages. But you can't put an Access database on a mac, because the software isn't compatible with Apple's. The closest database software you will for macs is Filemaker Pro, but that is a whole 'nother issue unto itself.

You can run MySQL (way bigger, more powerful, scalable, and much more stable than Access) and a few other on your mac though.

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