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By raineyamcdonald ·
Unsure Where to post my question - so patience please if this is not the correct place.
Old programmer - New to excel - I need to take a spreadsheet and link other cells to that cell (manually). When a user clicks on a cell, I need the other cells "linked" to that cell to be highlighted. I've read up some on Vlookup, If, Hyperlink, etc... and can certainly highlight using conditional formatting, but I need to be sent in the direction of the quickest and easiest way to finish this.

The purpose of the spreadsheet, or multiple spreadsheets, is to find affected values (for example Web and App Servers) when a cell with a value (for example a particular Firewall Server) is selected.

Hopefully this made some sense,


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by ben.rattigan In reply to New to Excel - New to Tec ...

I am not entirely sure what your asking here or expecting. You probably need to use the Trace Precedents or Trace Dependents option.

When you edit a cells formula it will highlight "connected" cells, what version of Excel are you using.

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Excel version

by raineyamcdonald In reply to Trace

I'm using Excel 2003. I believe your question may answer mine. I need to "connect" the cells - possibly create "dependents". I simply wish to have groups of cells linked together by some method.

If I have "fruit" in a1 and someone clicks on fruit (or types in fruit in a text box - but I'm keeping it simple here), then if b4 contains "Apple" and c8 contains "Grapefruit" and f99 contains "Orange" I want a1,b4,c8, and f99 to respond - I may copy the data to a list or some other method - I'm not worried about that now - also, if f99 is selected I still want the same 4 highlighted.

This will have many separate dependencies - for example, b5 may be "veggies" and x14 may be "food" in which case any cells tagged in some way (connected in some way) would be included in the response.

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